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Esther Hicks also known as Abraham Hicks is in my view one of the best teachers today.  I resonate with their teachings and I find the approach simple enough to follow. They teach that the way we feel is the best guide to how far we are from achieving our dreams. If you want to realise your dreams your starting point is working on how you feel. Through their books and several seminars, Abraham Hicks offer various methods on how we can work on how we feel to achieve the success we seek. In fact, I have created a selection of their videos so you can get a taste of Abraham Hicks.  In my opinion they are one of the best teachers out there and I am forever thankful for their teachings. To get a glimpse of what they are about, here is Esther Hicks Quotes.


  1. As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who you really are. Esther Hicks
  2. Find something that makes you happy and fixate on it. That is the answer to all things. It’s the answer to getting everything that you want. ― Esther Hicks
  3. Your emotions are always your indicator for how close you are. ― Esther Hicks
  4. Alignment trumps everything. Stay off the subject that disturbs your alignment, and everything that you are about will come into alignment ― Esther Hicks

  5. Feeling good equals allowing the connection; feeling bad equals not allowing the connection—feeling bad equals resisting the connection to your Source.” ― Esther Hicks quotes
  6. The secret of the universe really is minding your own business. What we mean by that is: Don’t get so involved in the desires or beliefs of others that you cause confusion or chatter in your own vibration and compromise your own alignment. ― Esther HicksThe greatest thing you can give yourself is freedom from what others think. ― Esther Hicks
  7. Before your birth into your physical body, you knew the value of variety and of diversity, for you understood that every new preference, desire, or idea would be born from that contrast.” ― Esther Hicks
  8. Once you expect something it will come. ― Esther Hicks
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  10. Everything you believe affects everything that comes to you ― Esther Hicks
  11. The rule of thumb is, you never take action when there is negative emotion within you because it will always be counterproductive. Always talk to yourself until you feel better and then follow the inspired action that comes from that open valve. ― Esther Hicks
  12. The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want. ― Esther Hicks

  13. Let me take the issue that bothers me more than any other issue and let me marry that to this thing that works. ― Esther Hicks quotes
  14. No sickness would exist on this planet it your contrast hadn’t carved out wellness. ― Esther Hicks
  15. You Are Happiest When You Are Moving Forward. ― Esther Hicks
  16. If something you want is slow to come to you, it can only be for one reason: You are spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence. ― Esther Hicks
  17. In order for things to change, you have to see them as you want them to be rather than continuing to observe them as they are.” ― Esther Hicks
  18. A belief is only a thought I keep thinking. – Esther Hicks
  19. The appreciation that Source feels for you, never-endingly, will wrap you in a warm blanket of worthiness if you will allow it.” ― Esther Hicks
  20. You are free. You are powerful. You are good. You are love. You have value. You have a purpose. All is well. – Esther Hicks
  21. That’s how the scientists discover new science. They start out with a hypothesis–an idea–and then others believe enough in the idea that they make it true. You see?” ― Esther Hicks
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  23. Keep your focus on how you want to feel and let the universe fill in the details. ― Esther Hicks
  24. You are growth-seeking Beings, and as you are moving forward, you are at your happiest.” ― Esther Hicks
  25. The people in your life will always give you exactly what you expect. No exceptions. – Esther Hicks quotes
  26. Rather than being so ready to jump into action to get the things that you want, we say think them into being; see them, visualize them, and expect them—and they will be.” ― Esther Hicks
  27. Everything that you perceive here in your physical environment is Vibration, and the life you are living is your Vibrational interpretation. ― Esther Hicks
  28. It is not your job to make something happen—Universal Forces are in place for all of that. Your work is to simply determine what you want.” ― Esther Hicks
  29. What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling, every single time― Esther Hicks
  30. You’re not manifesting, you’re creating the environment that allows the manifestation― Esther Hicks
  31. Everything springs forth from the imagination. Everything. ― Esther Hicks
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  33. When you FEEL healthy and vital and alive and prosperous. You attract more of all those things. ― Esther Hicks quotes
  34. Life Is Always in Motion, So You Cannot Be “Stuck” ― Esther Hicks
  35. When you try to justify where you are by pointing out how bad things are, you are headed in the wrong direction. ― Esther Hicks
  36. You can get to where you want to be from wherever you are—but you must stop spending so much time noticing and talking about what you do not like about where you are.” ― Esther Hicks,
  37. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ― Esther Hicks
  38. Like the air you breathe, abundance in all things is available to you. Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be. – Esther Hicks quotes
  39. There ain’t no “baby mama drama” up in this Vortex, homie!” ― Esther Hicks
  40. If you’re not excited about it, it’s not the right path― Esther Hicks
  41. If you want it and expect it, it will be yours very soon.” ― Esther Hicks quotes
  42. You have to tell the story the way you want it to be before the story of your life will actualize around the story the way you want it to be. – Esther Hicks
  43. If something you want is slow to come to you, it can be for only one reason: You are spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence. If” ― Esther Hicks
  44. It is our desire to help you understand that you can get to wherever you want to be from wherever you are, no matter where you are or what your current state of Being.” ― Esther Hicks quotes
  45. It makes no difference whether you want the specifics of it or not; it is the vibrational essence of the subject of your attention that is attracted. That which you really, really want, you get—and that which you really, really do not want, you get. ― Esther Hicks
  46. The combination of being more deliberate about what you want, more clear about what you intend, and more sensitive to the way you feel is, in essence, what the Deliberate Creative Process is all about.” ― Esther Hicks quotes
  47. The fastest way to get to a new-and-improved situation is to make peace with your current situation. ― Esther Hicks
  48. The greatest gift that you could ever give another is the gift of your expectation of their success.”
    ― Esther Hicks
  49. Your Inner Being, or Source Energy, always offers a perspective that is to your greatest advantage, and when your perspective matches that, then positive attraction is occurring.”― Esther Hicks
  50. Look around less, imagine more. –Abraham Hicks quotes
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  52. You cannot be other than selfish, for you cannot observe, perceive, or be other than from your perspective of self. All points of Consciousness, even one-celled organisms, perceive. And they do so from the ever-changing selfish perspective that they currently hold.” ― Esther Hicks
  53. “You are here for the experience of joyful expansion. ”― Esther Hicks quotes
  54. The better you feel, the more in alignment you are. The worse you feel the more out of alignment you are. ― Esther Hicks
  55. Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning…What you are planning. ― Esther Hicks
  56. “With enough attention to anything, the essence of what you have been giving thought to will eventually become a physical manifestation.” ― Esther Hicks
  57. Your true knowledge comes from your own life experience.” ― Esther Hicks quotes
  58. It’s not your work to make anything happen. It’s your work to dream it and let it happen. Law of Attraction will make it happen. In your joy, you create something, and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. That’s the promise of Law of Attraction ― Esther Hicks
  59. That nothing will come into your experience unless you invite it through your thought—with emotional” ― Esther Hicks
  60. That is the optimal creative vantage point: To stand on the brink of what is coming, feeling eager, optimistic anticipation—with no feeling of impatience, doubt, or unworthiness hindering the receiving of it—that is the Science of Deliberate Creation at its best.” ― Esther Hicks
  61. It is not possible to stand still or be stuck, because Energy, and therefore life, is always in motion. Things are always changing.” ― Esther Hicks quotes
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  63. All of your desires, wants, or preferences emanate from you naturally and constantly, for you stand at the Leading Edge of a Universe that makes that so.” ― Esther Hicks