38 Amazing Cuban Proverbs that Mirrors Beauty

Cuban Proverbs – Cuba is a country that is basically the Republic of Cuba is a country which comprises the island of Cuba as well as Isla De La Juventud along with seven minor archipelagos. It is located where the northern Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico meet.

A very beautiful and geographically amazing country is east of the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico), south of the United States of the Bahamas and Florida, north of both Jamaica and Cayman Island, and west of Hispaniola.

The major city and the capital of Cuba are Havana while some other cities include Camaguey, and Santiago de Cuba, etc. The official area of this republic is 109,884 kilometers square without territorial waters.

Here are some exceptional Cuba Quotations and proverbs that bring real knowledge and helps you think big. Do visit this country if you ever have a chance and enjoy its beauty in the best possible way.

38 Most Exclusive Cuban Proverbs

  1. Cuban Proverbs
  2. A lie runs until the truth catches up to it.
  3. A love that can last forever takes but a second to come about.
  4. A man possesses beauty in his quality and a woman possesses quality in her beauty.
  5. A woman’s honor consists of the good opinion the world has of her.
  6. Brief encounters can result in long relationships.
  7. Cheese, wine, and a friend must be old to be good.
  8. Coffee from the top of the cup and chocolate from the bottom.
  9. Do not be excessively timid or excessively confident.
  10. Do not run into debt with a rich man, or promise anything to a poor one.
  11. Even a leaf does not flutter on the tree without the will of god.
  12. Every head is a world.
  13. Faces of men we see but not their hearts.
  14. Gluttony and vanity grow with age.

  15. Cuban Proverbs
  16. He who owes nothing has bought nothing on layaway.
  17. He who speaks much, errs much.
  18. He who tells the truth doesn’t sin, but he causes many inconveniences.
  19. How can you trust anyone who doesn’t know how to blush?
  20. If you return an ass’s kick, most of the pain is yours.
  21. If you would be respected in company, seek the society of your equals and not of your superiors.
  22. Jovial companions make this dull life tolerable.
  23. Justice is a good thing, only not in my house, but in my neighbor’s.
  24. Kitten’s are a child’s instrument for happiness.

  25. Cuban Proverbs
  26. Listen to what they say about others, and you will know what they say about you.
  27. Listen to what they say of others and you will know what they say of you.
  28. Listening looks easy, but it’s not that simple. Every head is a world.
  29. One washes the body in vain if one does not wash the soul.
  30. Seven sons of one mother, and each one of a different mind.
  31. Tell me what company you keep and i will tell you who you are.
  32. The best of hunters lies more than he hunts.
  33. The wise man never says, ‘i did not think.’
  34. There is never wanting an excuse for drinking.
  35. There is no better mirror than the face of an old friend.
  36. There’s no evil that lasts a hundred years, nor a body that can endure it.

  37. Cuban Proverbs

While on the other hand, the main island of this country is probably the largest island in Cuba as well as the Caribbean, with an area of 40, 269 square miles.

People of this land are damn friendly and amazing and everyone should love you if you visit this place and whenever happens to live with them. The territory was inhabited by the Ciboney Taino people (4th millennium BC) until Spanish Colonization in almost the 15th century.

There’s no agreement under pressure.

It is considered as a party of Latin America and considered as a multiethnic country whose people, customs, traditions, and cultures are being driven from various origins.

Some of these origins include the Taino Ciboney peoples, the introduction of Enslaved Africans, and the long period of Spanish colonialism. Also share these amazing Cuba quotes and proverbs with your family members, friends, and others to help them enjoy every bit of it.