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Dorian Corey Quotes – Dorian Corey was born in a place in New York named Buffalo. In 1947 she got married. Dorian Corey was a fashion designer. She was also a drag performer. After leaving Buffalo, she started performing drag.

After this, Dorian Corey moved to the city of New York. In this city, she started studying arts at Parsons. Dorian Corey appeared in Wigstock. In 1990 she was also featured in Jennie Livingston’s documentary “Paris Is Burning“.


Dorian Corey did a lot of hard work to achieve her aim. Nothing stopped her in life. The life of Dorian Corey is a great inspiration for those who want to live their dreams.

So for inspiring you, we are compiling some famous Dorian Corey Quotes. You will get the inspiration to do what you want to do in life and never stop fulfilling your dreams.

Most Inspiring Dorian Corey Quotes


1.Dorian Corey Quotes

2.”You get in a smart crack, and everyone laughs and kikis because you’ve found a flaw and exaggerated it, then you’ve got a good read going.” -Dorian Corey

3.”If everybody went to balls and did less drugs, itd be a fun world, wouldnt it?”-Dorian Corey


4.”You get in a smart crack.”-Dorian Corey

5.”When they’re undetectable and they can walk out of that ballroom into the sunlight and onto the subway and get home, and still have all their clothes and no blood running off their bodies- those are the femme realness queens… and usually it’s a category for young queens.”-Dorian Corey

6.” Everyone laughs and kikis.”-Dorian Corey

7.“Black people have a hard time getting anywhere and those that do are usually straight. In a ballroom you can be anything you want. You’re not really an executive but you’re looking like an executive.”-Dorian Corey

8.” You’ve found a flaw and exaggerated it, then you’ve got a good read going.”-Dorian Corey

9.”Realness is to be able to blend”.-Dorian Corey

10.”If you can pass the untrained or even the trained eye and not give away the fact that you are gay, that’s when it’s real.”-Dorian Corey

11.”Shake the dice and steal the rice!”-Dorian Corey

12.”I always had hopes of being a big star. But as you get older, you aim a little lower.”-Dorian Corey

13.Dorian Corey Quotes

14.”You think, you’ve made a mark on the world if you just get through it, and a few people remember your name. Then you’ve left a mark.”-Dorian Corey

15.” You don’t have to bend the whole world.”-Dorian Corey

16.” I think it’s better to just enjoy it. Pay your dues, and just enjoy it. If you shoot a arrow and it goes real high, hooray for you.”  -Dorian Corey

17.”When I grew up, you wanted to look like Marlene Dietrich, Betty Grable.”-Dorian Corey

18.” Fortunately, I didn’t know that I really wanted to look like Lena Horne.”-Dorian Corey

19.” When I grew up… black stars were stigmatized. Nobody wanted to look like Lena Horne.”   -Dorian Corey

20.“Gender proves to be a performance – that is, constituting the identity it is purported to be. In this sense, gender is always a doing”-Dorian Corey

21.” Now the fact that you are not an executive is merely because of the social standing of life… Black people have a hard time getting anywhere. And those that do, are usually straight. In a ballroom, you can be anything you want.”   -Dorian Corey

22.Dorian Corey Quotes

Many people want to do something different in life. People want to do something big that everyone remembers. But doing so is not so easy. Many difficulties come in the path. It is up to you how to face these difficulties.

These difficulties stop you, or you keep them behind. When you do so, then everyone remembers you with good words. Dorian Corey always wants to be a big star in life. She wants to leave an impression on others’ mind—an impression with which she always remains in the mind of people.

“If everybody went to balls and did less drugs, itd be a fun world, wouldnt it?”-Dorian Corey

Dorian Corey became successful in what she wanted to do. Any difficulty that came in her path never stops her. By reading the quotes of Dorian Corey, you might get the courage. The courage to always move on in life and never stops. Do like and share these Dorian Corey quotes with your friends.