50 Dreezy Quotes That Will Inspire You

Dreezy Quotes – Dreezy was born in Illinois, a city on the south side of Chicago. Dreezy is a singer and rapper of America. She is also an actress and a songwriter. The real name of Dreezy is Seandrea Sledge.

Dreezy is her stage name. In her childhood, Dreezy faced a lot of problems. She faced various issues in family matters, problems at home, and regarding friends. She moved to different places in Chicago to escape from these problems.

After this, Dreezy moved to fine arts, which helped her a lot in her life. In 2016 the first album of Dreezy was released. The name of this album was “No Hard Feelings.” The album of Dreezy was then followed by Big Deez.

Dreezy inspired others with her singing and with her lifestyle. For you, we have some famous Dreezy quotes. These quotes might inspire you in life to face the problems of life with courage.

Most Popular Dreezy Quotes So Far

1.Dreezy Quotes

2.”I have been singing since I was kid.” -Dreezy

3.”I was really artistic. I did a lot of poetry, a lot of writing.” -Dreezy

4.”I used to do poetry and write stories and stuff – I never really had anybody standing over my shoulder, like, “What did you write? Let me hear it.” I hate that type of stuff.” -Dreezy

5.”Sometimes the best music is when you just put it out there.”  -Dreezy

6.”Writing was something I always did but that turned into singing and rapping. That something that came out of my writing.”   -Dreezy

7.”I’m learning how to work my voice. I got some songs that you probably wouldn’t even know it’s me singing on there. I will sit there and take 20 takes until I hit that note right. It’s different on stage – you’ve got to hit the notes that one time.”   -Dreezy

8.”I have always been writing but when I started rapping I was just playing around. My friends told me I needed a rap name like Breezy or G-Eazy so I went with Dreezy.” -Dreezy

9.”I have always loved music.”  -Dreezy

10.”I’m really thirsty to go on tour! I love putting on a show. If the crowd ain’t acting bougie, I love performing.”-Dreezy

11.”I used to sing when I was younger. I left it alone for a long time, ’cause I was like, I don’t even know if I know how to sing for real.”  -Dreezy

12.”All I had was a CD with beats. I wrote to every beat on that CD, and when I got off punishment, I put out my first mixtape. I passed it out all around school. I started going to the studio. I started doing shows.”  -Dreezy

13.”I got caught shoplifting, which is not good. I was stealing for this boy that I went with at the time, and I ended up getting a three-month punishment.”   -Dreezy

14.”I like to go in the corner, in the quiet, ’cause I got to hear my thoughts. If I hear the beat for, like, five seconds, I basically got the tempo, and I don’t need to hear it no more. I just focus and write.”-Dreezy

15.”It was dope to the point where I felt like Common almost admired me as much as I admired him. He took us to the hotel, and then he was going through his phone, rapping his raps to me. I was like, Is Common rapping to me right now, trying to get my feedback?” -Dreezy

16.”I was a good student. By 8th grade, you’ve basically learned everything. By senior year, we was drinking, we was kickin’ it, we was rapping. It wasn’t really like business, hard work.”   -Dreezy

17.”My daddy was the type that if you asked him, “Dad, am I going to get off punishment soon?” – he would extend it. It was like jail.”  -Dreezy

18.”I was on the pom pom team, I was on the cheerleading team, I sang. I played football with the guys ’cause I didn’t know how to play double dutch. Anything to get out the house.”-Dreezy

19.“You only want my time when you’re wasted

You only hit my line when you’re wasted”-Dreezy

20.Dreezy Quotes

21.”I never cared about my fate, because I know I got what it takes

So I’m in difference to the hate I got to many hopes at stake But, still I’m drowning I found myself surrounded.”-Dreezy

22.”All the tears I was shedding when the obstacles was given

All the niggas on my side, that told me they would ride but they lied.”-Dreezy

23.”I’m trying not to let my thoughts get to me

But they driving down a one way street”-Dreezy

24.”Insecurities are my reality I got a boy that’s on the side of me but will he ride for me I ask myself whenever he’s inside of me how come I feel like I’m lost inside of me.”-Dreezy

25.”I just want to have somebody that’s for me only

It’s hard to find the one when all these niggas be on me”-Dreezy

26.”Nobody wants to be, nobody wants to be – be lonely, be lonely

Nobody wants to be, nobody wants to be – be lonely, be lonely”-Dreezy

27.”Somebody tell me what it feel like I never touched it I never had it

I saw it once but I couldn’t grab it Took my heart then he fuckin stabbed it.”-Dreezy

28.”Is it really that easy for you to leave me

Have me fall for you then deceive me”-Dreezy

29.”I think I know why these bitches mad

Cause I’m steady counting these zeros

But I swear to God I don’t see you hoes

Cause I’m steady counting these zeros”-Dreezy

30.Dreezy Quotes

31.”Don’t tell me that you love me if you don’t (you don’t)

I just wanna’ be by your side

So, maybe we should drop our pride

Let’s keep it one hunnid'”-Dreezy

32.”Why you be getting mad at me, like being committed is easy to do?

Niggas be all on my heels, but they ain’t got nothing on you

These bitches be lovin’ the crew, but I never be frontin’ on you”-Dreezy

33.”The truth is coming to get cha

Pain is about to split cha”-Dreezy

34.”So all my haters wanna join me

So we bought a pack and we matched up”-Dreezy

35.”Im cookin and flippin with bro in the kitchen

The way I got bars I should build me a prison”-Dreezy

36.”Replace blood for your love in my arteries

Kind of drug they don’t sell up in the pharmacy”-Dreezy

37.”Good with numbers, a dime know what to do with a nine

Like I just bought a rollie spendin’ quality time”-Dreezy

38.”You see the problem that I’ve been drinking

Don’t know if my dude comin’ through

But baby can light it I been thinking

I can get a room witchu”-Dreezy

39.”I know I take it way too far

And we’ve been a lot of places baby

Nothing was as good as us when we got along”-Dreezy

40.”I could change yo life

You can have everything if you want it”-Dreezy

41.”You’ll never get another blessing like me baby I bet that

And he keep it one hunnid when I’m coming at him, so I respect that

Takin’ flights, they was sleeping on you like jetlags

Go shopping we don’t check tags”-Dreezy

42.”Me and my bitches stick together like the Bradys

Run up on us, we won’t save, we play crazy

All my niggas off them yoppas like the ’80s

And they ain’t tryna go to rehab, just like Amy”-Dreezy

43.”Call me Gucci the Don, jump on, I’m on the run

Told my mama kill ’em so I’m a son of a gun”-Dreezy

44.”Spend a fixture on Balenciagas

Then I put the rest up in the stash”-Dreezy

45.”Took your nigga to the spot, he saw a bag of money, he thought I was a stripper Ever since I could remember I been balling like I’m really at the dipper”-Dreezy

46.”Keep it a hunnid boy I know that you want it

Another round won’t remember in the morning

Got on your shirt, put in that work”-Dreezy

47.”Keep a K with me like Kourtney

Since a shorty I been popping like a forty

End of story baby”-Dreezy

48.”This could be your best night

Get you home for the night”-Dreezy

49.”You only want my time when you’re wasted

You only hit my line when you’re wasted”-Dreezy


Dreezy Quotes

Dreezy life showed that all of us face a lot of problems in life. Problems like family issues, making new friends, and many more. Some find the courage to fight these problems.

At the same time, others find it difficult and start running from their problems. But running from the problems never gives the solution to any problem. When you face the issues, then you can find a better solution.

“You tell me you love me when you’re wasted

I’m only on your mind when you’re wasted”-Dreezy

51.”You think that you’re such a player

I see just what you are made of”-Dreezy

But if you start running, then these problems can never be resolved. The best thing to resolve the problems is what you want to do in life. Many times, when you start doing hard work, you start finding the solutions.

The solution leads to the path where all your problems can be resolved. By reading the quotes of Dreezy, you will know how she solves her problems of life with her work. Do like and share these Dreezy quotes with your friends.