50 Pyke Quotes For League of Legends Lovers

Pyke Quotes – Pyke is a fictional character in the game league of legends. He is a giant who is quite powerful. The enemies of Pyke want to attack him. Pyke starts hiding from his enemies.

During the game, a gigantic fish eats the Pyke. Pyke should have met death. As he remained in the belly of a fish, he returned and left behind his death. After returning, he first goes to his hometown.

Pyke has a lot of supernatural abilities. He uses his magical power to take revenge on his enemies. With his powers, he brings an end to people who think of defeating him.

In the game, Pyke inspires others to never give up in life. In this article, we have collected some famous Pyke Quotes. These quotes might help you in difficult situations in your life.

50 Most Popular Pyke Quotes

  1. “Ain’t no high ground high enough, not for the storm that’s brewin’.”Pyke
  2. “I was born where monsters die, I died where monsters are born.”-Pyke
  3. “I’ve killed a lot of monsters, none of them lived in the sea.”-Pyke
  4. “Been to the bottom of the sea, gets a little deeper each time.”-Pyke
  5. “Keep a man down long enough, and the gutter becomes his kingdom.”-Pyke
  6. “Went too deep, part of me is still down there… swimming…”-Pyke-Pyke
  7. “There’s plenty of room for everyone at the bottom of the sea.”-Pyke
  8. “We’re already on the menu, all we gotta do is crawl in the pot… Boil.”-Pyke
  9. “Every kill makes the voices louder… and I looove what they’re screaming.”-Pyke
  10. “We’re already drownin’, all we gotta do is open our mouths and let the water in…”-Pyke
  11. “No one’s honest, till they get a knife in their gut.”-Pyke
  12. “The rich man’s a lyin’ man, the lyin’ man’s… a dying man…”-Pyke
  13. “Learn to breathe sand and nothing’ll stop ya.”-Pyke
  14. “I got dragged to the heart of the world… cold down there.”-Pyke
  15. “Been buried alive, sand gets everywhere.”-Pyke
  16. “The sea of sand pulls everyone down.”-Pyke
  17. “Sand runs through my veins, can’t hear my heart no more.”-Pyke
  18. “Salt water flows through my veins.”-Pyke

  19. Pyke Quotes
  20. “People can drown pretty much anywhere.”-Pyke
  21. “Tasted a good life once… Needed salt…”-Pyke
  22. “Deep folk have a way with persuasion.”-Pyke
  23. “Leviathans learn. People, I’m not so sure about.”-Pyke
  24. “Killing, feels like home.”-Pyke
  25. “Madness lurks below.”-Pyke
  26. “Nasty people meet nasty ends.”-Pyke
  27. “Everyone’s fighting to keep their heads above water.”-Pyke
  28. “The surface won’t be the top much longer.”-Pyke
  29. “Land folk think they’re so smart, let’s see ’em breathe underwater.”-Pyke
  30. “We took too much, I’m collecting the debt.”-Pyke
  31. “Never trust anyone who cowers behind a desk.”-Pyke
  32. World don’t do fair and equal… but I do.”-Pyke
  33. “I got friends everywhere, especially in the depths.”-Pyke

  34. Pyke Quotes
  35. “I look down on the world from the bottom of the sea.”-Pyke
  36. “My mind ain’t all my own these days.”-Pyke
  37. “Dragon-sharks got teeth the size of butcher knives.”-Pyke
  38. “I seen what lurks below, lots of eyes…”-Pyke
  39. “Solid ground, feels too stable.”-Pyke
  40. “Sink like an anchor, float like rum.”-Pyke
  41. “No one swims in the same waters as me.”-Pyke
  42. “My kill list never gets shorter.”-Pyke
  43. “There’s no sunken cities, just the swimming one.”-Pyke
  44. “I am not the only one who wants revenge on everyone.”-Pyke
  45. “The deeper I sank the less I died.”-Pyke
  46. “Drowned madness walks the land.”-Pyke
  47. “Everyone’s gotta sink sometime.”-Pyke
  48. “I’m still lost at sea.”-Pyke
  49. “Monsters lurk above the waves.”-Pyke

Pyke has to face a lot in his journey. His enemies want to kill him. He was stuck in the belly of gigantic fish, but still, Pyke never loses hope. He tried his best and finally got out of the big situation.

He, with his willpower, got out from the belly of the fish. The character of Pyke in the game leagues of legends is the source of inspiration. Like Pyke, every person in this world suffers a lot.

They have to pass through a lot of difficulties and challenges. But if you are suffering from problems and lost hope, you can never succeed in life. Every problem has a solution; you have to think about it.

Do not lose hope like Pyke. By reading the quotes of Pyke, you will get inspiration. The inspiration to move forward and never lose hope in life. Do like and share these Pyke quotes if you like them.