20 Most Popular Sacagawea Quotes

Sacagawea Quotes – Sacagawea belonged to the tribe of Northern Shoshone. She was a Lemhi Shoshone woman. Sacagawea was very kind and generous. She loved to help others. Lewis and Clark started a mission of exploring Louisiana Territory.

Sacagawea, at the age of 16, helped Lewis and Clark in their mission. She traveled with them thousands of miles. They traveled from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean.

Sacagawea helped in the establishment of cultural contacts with different people. She developed cultural contacts with American Native. She also assisted Lewis and Clark in their expeditions by giving them knowledge of history in different regions.

Sacagawea loved to do adventure and to help others. She inspired others with her journey. For inspiring you, we have some famous Sacagawea quotes. By reading her quotes, you will get the motivation to help others in life.

Famous Sacagawea Quotes

  1. Sacagawea Quotes
  2. “I have traveled a long way with [you] to See the great waters, and that now that monstrous fish was also to be Seen, I thought it very hard that I could not be permitted to See either.”-Sacagawea
  3. “Plant a thought, harvest an act,” they sang. “Plant an act, harvest a habit; plant a habit, harvest a character; plant a character, harvest a destiny.”-Sacagawea
  4. “I always know what to expect of the things of Mother Earth. Sometimes they are cruel, but it is hard, clean cruelty. They don’t torture you with their own weakness.”-Sacagawea
  5. “Do what comes into your life and do it well… Be polite without groveling. If you are ever afraid of anything, do not deny it, but behave as if you feared nothing.”-Sacagawea
  6. “Amazing the things you find when you bother to search for them”
  7. “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living.”-Sacagawea
  8. “Everything I do is for my people.” – Sacagawea
  9. “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living.” – Sacagawea
  10. “The Indian woman to whom I ascribe equal fortitude and resolution, with any person onboard at the time of the accident, caught and preserved most of the light articles which were washed overboard”.-Sacagawea
  11. “The Indian woman recognized the point of a high plain to our right which she informed us was not very distance from the summer retreat of her nation on a river beyond the mountains which runs to the west. This hill she says her nation calls the Beaver’s Head, as it resembles the head of that animal. She assures us that we shall either find her people on this river or on the river immediately west…”-Sacagawea
  12. Sacagawea Quotes
  13. “The sight of this Indian woman, wife to one of our interprs. confirmed those people of our friendly intentions, as no woman ever accompanies a war party of Indians in this quarter…”-Sacagawea
  14. “Our camp is precisely on the spot that the Snake Indians were encamped at the time the Minnetares of the Knife River first came in sight of them five years since. From hence they retreated about three miles up Jefferson’s River and concealed themselves in the woods, the Minnetares pursued, attacked them, killed 4 men, 4 women, a number of boys, and made prisoners of all the females and four boys, Sacajawea was one of the female prisoners. I cannot discover that she shows any emotion of sorrow in recollecting this event, or of joy in being restored to her native country; if she has enough to eat and a few trinkets to wear I believe she would be perfectly content anywhere…”-Sacagawea
  15. “She observed that she had traveled a long way with us to see the great waters, and that now that monstrous fish was also to be seen.”-Sacagawea
  16. “Sacajawea proved a valuable guide on the return journey. She remembered trails from her childhood; the most important trail was a large road that passed through a gap in the mountain, which led to Yellowstone River. Today, it is known as Bozeman Pass, Montana.”-Sacagawea
  17. “I offered to take the little son a butifull promising child who is 19 months old to which they both himself & wife were willing provided the child had been weened. They observed that in one year the boy would be sufficiently old to leave his mother & he would then take him to me if I would be so friendly as to raise the child … to which I agreed”. -Sacagawea
  18. “This piece of information cheered the spirits of the party.”-Sacagawea
  19. “I was taken in the middle of the river as I was crossing at a shallow place to make my escape.”-Sacagawea
  20. Sacagawea Quotes

Sacagawea loved to experience different things in life. She also inspired others to do what they want to do. If you do the work you like the most, then your chances of getting success will get high.

You will love to do your favorite work. Sacagawea taught others that if you are doing something, then do it with full effort. Do not think that this work is small or big.

If you start any work, then it is your responsibility to do it in a better way. Many times, we are afraid of a lot of things. Some people are afraid of doing new things in life.

If you are scared of something, then do not worry. While doing that work, pretend that you are not afraid of doing anything. When you do so, you will be able to overcome your fears. So be fearless and do what you want to do in life.