49 Shahrukh Khan Quotes About Success and Life

Shahrukh Khan Quotes – Successful personalities don’t become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance—happiness, wealth, and excellent career, purpose—is the result of hard work and hustle over time.

Shahrukh Khan is an Indian actor, film producer, and television personality, born on November 02, 1965, in New Delhi. He lost his parents at a very young age, he had to become the man of the house and support his sister who couldn’t bear the loss of her parents. He worked hard, paid his dues, and became the most respected actor not only in India but on an international level.

He is often regarded as the romantic hero of Bollywood and has millions of fans around the globe, courtesy of his talent and acting. Shahrukh had done a very rigid work in his early days but it was his courage and determination that made him the Kind of Bollywood with 12 film fare awards to his name.

Here are Some Sharukh khan Quotes that may refresh your mind again to acquire things that you have not yet.

  1. “Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.” – Shahrukh Khan
  2. “Success and failure are both parts of life. Both are not permanent.” – Shahrukh Khan
  3. “Everyone has their own way of expressing happiness.” – Shahrukh Khan
  4. “I work hard like I’m sure everyone else does, and I’m very honest with the work I do.” – Shahrukh Khan
  5. “There is no right time and the right place for love… it can happen any time.” – Shahrukh Khan
  6. “You know, I think we Indians are afraid to show and celebrate our happiness, lest things change around. But I feel that it’s okay to be sad and okay to show when you are happy. “ – Shahrukh Khan
  7. “The only time I don’t work is when I am asleep.” – Shahrukh Khan
  8. “I truly believe my job is to make sure people smile.” – Shahrukh Khan
  9. “I think love can happen at any age… it has no age.” – Shahrukh Khan
  10. “I have no self-centeredness or ego about being a movie star.” – Shahrukh Khan
  11. “As far as the public is concerned, India is amazingly secular.” – Shahrukh Khan
  12. “Even though I am fantastic looking, I am still quite intelligent.” – Shahrukh Khan
  13. “I have never claimed to do the right kind of things and make politically correct statements.” – Shahrukh Khan
  14. “Youngsters are the most discerning audience. They want entertainment, they want issues.” – Shahrukh Khan
  15. Best Shahrukh Khan Quotes”I am very clear that when I work with a director what he or she says is the last word.” – Shahrukh Khan

  16. “In India, the films are not looked upon just as entertainment. They’re a way of life.” – Shahrukh Khan
  17. “For someone who doesn’t even like love stories, I’ve played an awful lot of lovers.” – Shahrukh Khan
  18. “Cinema in India is like brushing your teeth in the morning. You can’t escape it.” – Shahrukh Khan
  19. “The line between what I really am, and what I am on the reel, is slowly diminishing.” – Shahrukh Khan
  20. “Whenever I fail as a father or husband… a toy and a diamond always works.” – Shahrukh Khan
  21. “There’s a personal me, there’s an actor me and there is a star me.” – Shahrukh Khan
  22. “Some people say, Shah Rukh, you work so hard. Why don’t you sit back with a glass of red wine or go out on the terrace for a smoke?’ But that’s not me.” – Shahrukh Khan
  23. My life may seem glamorous from the outside but off-screen it’s as ordinary as anyone else’s. – Shahrukh Khan
  24. I have lived in Mumbai for more than 20 years, have my domicile here, my home, and my family here. – Shahrukh Khan
  25. I’ve won many awards and I want more. If you want to call it hunger then I’m hungry for awards. – Shahrukh Khan
  26. Sometimes, I feel the reason I have become a star beyond my films is that I am politically incorrect. – Shahrukh Khan
  27. People talk about Bollywood being very kitsch, and just songs and dances, and over the top and colorful. – Shahrukh Khan
  28. When people call me God, I say, no, I’m still an angel or saint of acting. I still have a long way to go. – Shahrukh Khan
  29. If I talk to a girl, it’s assumed that I’m having a scene with her. If I don’t, then it’s assumed that I’m gay. – Shahrukh Khan
  30. Just be nice to me while I am doing the scene; that is all. I don’t want big cars, I don’t want big hotel rooms. – Shahrukh Khan
  31. I personally believe the film turns out better when shot in one short schedule, plus it doesn’t stress the actors. – Shahrukh Khan
  32. I could lie and say my wife cooks for me, but she doesn’t. My wife has never learned cooking but she has great cooks at home. – Shahrukh Khan
  33. Without hurting anybody, we all tend to laugh at others’ discomfort. When someone slips on a banana skin and falls it’s funny. – Shahrukh Khan
  34. I don’t like the trappings of stardom. I wear shoes and the Dolce and Gabbana because I’m told to. But I’m not trapped by it. – Shahrukh Khan
  35. I don’t kiss on screen. Period. – Shahrukh Khan
  36. I’m too shy to do kissing scenes. – Shahrukh Khan
  37. It is stupid on my part to think of banning the media. – Shahrukh Khan
  38. I want people to know that movie stars live a normal, middle-class life. – Shahrukh Khan
  39. I don’t teach my children what is Hindu and what is Muslim. – Shahrukh Khan
  40. Whether people like it or not, my marketing thought is if you keep something in front of people for too long, they get used to it. – Shahrukh Khan
  41. For someone who doesn’t even like love stories, I’ve played an awful lot of lovers. – Shahrukh Khan
  42. Those who do not need to provide or have not built the vehicles of their own sustenance can afford to be less hardworking and driven than those who carry the burden of necessity. – Shahrukh Khan
  43. I’m an actor, I’m not a politician. – Shahrukh Khan
  44. More than an actor, I am a performer… I’m a great believer – honestly so, shamelessly so, vulgarly so – that cinema is for entertainment. If you want to send messages, there’s the postal service. – Shahrukh Khan
  45. “Whenever I fail as a father or husband… a toy and a diamond always works.” – Shahrukh Khan
  46. “There’s a personal me, there’s an actor me and there is a star me.” – Shahrukh Khan

To be on the up, you always go through with failures to rephase your life because you learn the most valuable things from them. Do not take stress, keep scenarios going, be patient, do good things with the people, make humanity be your priority on religion, and be the man with a satisfying relationship.

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