51 Most Popular Tibetan Proverbs So Far

Tibetan Proverbs – Tibetan is the language of the people living in Tibet. It is a region that is located in East Asia. It is named Tibet because it covers most of the Tibetan Plateau. Tibet is a homeland for many groups.

The groups that live in Tibetan include Monpa, Qiang, Sherpa, Tamang, and Lhoba. Now many Han and Hui people of China also inhabited there. The Tibetan language in Tibet is classified into two other languages. These languages include Tibeto-Burman and Sino- Tibetan languages.

Tibetan proverbs are very famous. These proverbs have different lessons in them. Tibetan proverbs enhance the colors in the culture of Tibet.

It also cast a secret insight into the traditions of Tibet people. By these proverbs, you know about the culture of Tibetan people. In this article, we have added some of the most popular Tibetan proverbs.

51 Famous Tibetan Proverbs

  1. Tibetan Proverbs
  2. “A father deserted by a wise son is like being caught in a shower without a felt.”-Tibetan Proverb
  3. “A hundred male and a hundred female qualities make a perfect human being.”-Tibetan Proverb
  4. “A lie is like a jump from a high roof.”-Tibetan Proverb
  5. “A nibbling rabbit can also die of overfeeding.”-Tibetan Proverb
  6. “All the world’s Great Journeys begin with the first step.”-Tibetan Proverb
  7. “An elephant has enormous dung — don’t try to defecate like an elephant. Don’t try to wipe someone else’s ass if yours is unwiped.”-Tibetan Proverb
  8. “Any fool can say “Ah” — you need intelligence to say “Yes.”-Tibetan Proverb
  9. “As a thing is viewed, so it appears.”-Tibetan Proverb
  10. “At the bottom of patience is Heaven.”-Tibetan Proverb
  11. “Beat a Chinese long enough and he will talk Tibetan.”-Tibetan Proverb
  12. “Better once to see than many times to hear.”-Tibetan Proverb
  13. “Better than the young man’s knowledge is the old man’s experience.”-Tibetan Proverb
  14. “By pride one causes virtue to decline.”-Tibetan Proverb
  15. “Cling not to experiences for ever-changing are they.”-Tibetan Proverb
  16. “Cold hearts can find warm words.”-Tibetan Proverb
  17. “Credulity breeds credulity and ends in hypocrisy.”-Tibetan Proverb
  18. “Cure the illness that is not yet an illness.”-Tibetan Proverb
  19. “Daughters are no better than crows.”-Tibetan Proverb

  20. Tibetan Proverbs
  21. “Don’t praise my good fortune before I’m dead and buried.”-Tibetan Proverb
  22. “Don’t trust a hungry man to watch your rice.”-Tibetan Proverb
  23. “Each lama has his own teaching.”-Tibetan Proverb
  24. “Eat according to the limits of your provisions; walk according to the length of your step.”-Tibetan Proverb
  25. “Eating much of sweetness you do not know if it be sweet anymore.”-Tibetan Proverb
  26. “Excellent people are honored wherever they go.”-Tibetan Proverb
  27. “For so must it be, and help me do my part.”-Tibetan Proverb
  28. “Goodness speaks in a whisper, evil shouts.”-Tibetan Proverb
  29. “Having drunk the country’s water, one should obey the country’s laws.”-Tibetan Proverb
  30. “He who has had enough to eat thinks of serving God; the hungry think of stealing.”-Tibetan Proverb
  31. “He who knows a great deal has a hundred eyes.”-Tibetan Proverb
  32. “If I know I will die tomorrow, I can still learn something tonight.”-Tibetan Proverb
  33. “If I tell you my dream, you might forget it. If I act on my dream, perhaps you will remember it, but if I involve you, it becomes your dream too.”-Tibetan Proverb

  34. Tibetan Proverbs
  35. “If peace reigns in the land, a nun can govern it.”-Tibetan Proverb
  36. “If the inner mind is not deluded, the outer actions will not be wrong.”-Tibetan Proverb
  37. “If the master gets drunk it is an honorable drunkenness; if the servant does it is evidence of his mean disposition.”-Tibetan Proverb
  38. “If there is only one earring among seven daughters, there will always be a quarrel on festival days.”-Tibetan Proverb
  39. “If you don’t know where you are, any road will do.”-Tibetan Proverb
  40. “If your inner mind isn’t deceived, your outer actions won’t be wrong.”-Tibetan Proverb
  41. “Imagination cures the chaos in the heart.”-Tibetan Proverb
  42. “It is better to live for one day as a tiger than to live for a thousand years as a sheep.-Tibetan Proverb
  43. “It is easier to put leather on the soles of one’s feet than cover the world with leather.”-Tibetan Proverb
  44. ” It is easy to see the fly on the other person’s nose, while ignoring the horse on your own.”-Tibetan Proverb
  45. “It is hard work to be the mother of many pigs.”-Tibetan Proverb
  46. “Knowing just one word of wisdom is like knowing a hundred ordinary words.”-Tibetan Proverb
  47. “Landing a single punch on your enemies nose is more satisfying than hearing well-intentioned advice from your elders.”-Tibetan Proverb
  48. ” Learn to stand up where one falls.”-Tibetan Proverb
  49. “Learn what you want and leave or others.”-Tibetan Proverb
  50. “Lies are short-lived.”-Tibetan Proverb

  51. Tibetan Proverbs

The proverbs in the Tibetan language have a rhythm in them. This rhythm cast the effect of poetry in it. Tibetan proverbs consist of some verses. These verses have a similar rhythm and balance in them. When the Tibetan language is translated into English, then it becomes more elegant.

The original Tibetan proverbs have fewer syllables in them. But in English translation, they have more syllables than the original one. Tibetan proverbs range a lot. It ranges from the livelihood of people to the philosophy of Buddhists.

“Luck that lasts is always suspect.”-Tibetan Proverb

There are several variations in the proverbs of Tibetan. This is because the region is different. Also, the spread of proverb from the different mouth is very much common.

By reading the famous Tibetan Proverbs, you will know about the region and culture of Tibet people. Tibetan proverbs give meaning to life with a lot of expressions and lessons in them. Do like and share these Tibetan quotes with your friends.