Top 16 William Colby Quotes

William Colby Quotes – William Colby was an intelligence officer of America. From 1973 to 1976, he served as DCI. DCI is the Director of Central Intelligence. William Colby also takes part in World War II.

In this, he serves as the Officer of Strategic Services. After World War II, a new intelligence agency with the name of the Central Intelligence Agency was created. William Colby joined that intelligence agency.

He also has a lot of responsibilities in the Vietnam War. He also became the director of central intelligence after the Vietnam War. William Colby serves as a DCI. He serves as a DCI under the president of Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon.

William Colby serves a lot for his country. He also inspires others with his strong words. Here are some famous William Colby quotes. These quotes might inspire you in life. You might get the motivation to do hard work.

Most Inspiring William Colby Quotes

1.William Colby Quotes

2.”South Vietnam faces total defeat, and soon.” -William Colby

3.”It takes skill to benefit from luck.” -William Colby

4.”We must recognize that the safety and welfare of our people are the real national security issues.” -William Colby

5.”Let’s not go through that again. Redirect it, reduce the amount of money spent, but let’s not…” -William Colby

6.”I think family skeletons are best left where they are– in the closet.” -William Colby

7.”We did not cover ourselves with glory. We predicted the day before the war broke out that it was…” -William Colby

8.”CIA will not develop operations to penetrate another Government agency, even with the approval of…” -William Colby

9.”While the war is by no means over, my Soviet or Chinese counterpart’s report must exhibit great…” -William Colby

10.”The reason the U. S. has never had a major terrorist problem is that you can’t rally public…” -William Colby

11.”The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” -William Colby

12.”We disbanded our intelligence and then found we needed it.” -William Colby

13.” Let’s not go through that again.” -William Colby

14.” Redirect it, reduce the amount of money spent, but let’s not destroy it. Because you don’t know 10 years out what you’re going to face.” -William Colby

15.“The habits and language of clandestinity can intoxicate even its own practitioners.” -William Colby

16.William Colby Quotes

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When you love to do something, then you do hard work. This hard work leads you to the path of success. William Colby always wants to serve his country. He works in an intelligence agency.

William Colby has a wonderful journey. He inspires others with his wonderful journey. By reading the quotes of William Colby, you might get the inspiration. The inspiration to do something in life.