24 Most Inspiring Ishiro Honda Quotes


Ishiro Honda Quotes – Ishiro Honda was a film director of Japanese. He was also a screenwriter. Ishiro Honda becomes famous for the direction of films. His best-known films include Kaiju and tokusatsu films.

Ishiro Honda also directs several entries in the film industry. He also becomes famous for the co-creation of the Godzilla franchise. At the start of his career, he has the main focus on the war genres and documentary films.


Ishiro Honda also directs many documentary films. Akira Kurosawa and Ishiro Honda were lifelong friends. They were also the collaborator. During the time of 1880 to 1990, he does a lot of work with Kurosawa.

Ishiro Honda inspires many people in his life. He does a lot of hard work in his life. For you, we have some famous Ishiro Honda Quotes. These quotes might give you the motivation and inspiration in your life to live your dreams.

24 Best Ishiro Honda Quotes


1.Ishiro Honda Quotes

2.” Monters are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, they are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy.”-Ishiro Honda 

3.”The intention of not only the screenwriter, but also the entire production staff, was to focus on how people would react if a creature such as Godzilla really did appear. “-Ishiro Honda 


4.”Monters do not attack people because they want to, but because of their size and strength, mankind has no other choice but to defend himself. “-Ishiro Honda 

5.”After several stories such as this, people end up having a kind of affection for the monsters. They end up caring about them.”-Ishiro Honda 

6.” What would the politicians do? How about the scientists? How would the military handle the situation? Given this, it was inevitable that the film would seem at least somewhat like a documentary.”-Ishiro Honda 

7.”Ghidrah was merely meant to be a modern interpretation of the eight-headed snake of Japanese myth.”-Ishiro Honda 

8.”The original idea [for Destroy All Monsters!] was to show all of the monsters. We then started thinking about undersea farming.”-Ishiro Honda 

9.” Eventually, we came up with the idea of an island on which all of the monsters had been collected for scientific study. You see, we imagined that undersea farming would be required to feed all of the monsters.”-Ishiro Honda 

10.” I very much wanted to explore that idea, but because of financial constraints, I was not allowed to do so. Only the idea of an island of monsters survived.”-Ishiro Honda 

11.”I don’t really have a positive or negative opinion about them [the Heisei Godzilla films].”-Ishiro Honda 

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13.” I don’t fault the members of the production department, though, because I know that that is what Toho’s executives are demanding.”-Ishiro Honda 

14.”Godzilla was a product of the times.”-Ishiro Honda 

15.” There previously had been no monster like him. So, people were frightened, and shocked, by him.”-Ishiro Honda 

16.” Now, when Godzilla appears in a city, most of the buildings are even taller than he is! The image of what a monster is shouldn’t stay the same. It should be different so that people will be shocked and surprised, just as they were by GODZILLA”-Ishiro Honda 

17.”Something new, and strange, must be created.”-Ishiro Honda 

18.”The university had a film department but it was a film department in name only as it didn’t have any facilities, any equipment or any books; I think I saw a camera twice in my entire time there. We didn’t have many classes teaching us about movies. Most of the instructors were from the film industry and told us it was impossible to teach film in a classroom, so they usually cancelled classes. As a result, I went to the movies more often and took notes.”-Ishiro Honda 

19.”It was after an unexpected turn of events.”-Ishiro Honda 

20.”If the story was very positive or even childish it would go to Mr. Sekizawa. If it was negative or involved politics it would go to Mr. Kimura. I really can’t compare the two because they were so different.”-Ishiro Honda 

21.”I didn’t exactly know what kind of work Directors did, but they looked they were the ones in charge of making the movie!”-Ishiro Honda 

22.”After a movie is completed a director is like a carp on a cutting board with the movie a dish being served to the audience. Even if I tell them that it is a Delicious meal with lots of nutrition, if the audience takes a bite and finds it disgusting, there was nothing more I could do, although of course I will be delighted if someone says it was delicious. After finishing The Blue Pearl, I am now waiting for the public’s reaction; will people say I made is delicious or will they want to dump it in a Ditch?.”-Ishiro Honda 

23.I try to express in my films things that no other art can approach. In my monster films for example, I use special effects in the same way one would use a special film stock, a special camera, and so on.”-Ishiro Honda 

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Ishiro Honda directs many films. The interest in films develops in Ishiro Hondo during the watching of a photoplay. Honda and his friends make a plan and watch Universal Bluebird photoplays.

After watching this, he wants to be a director. Ishiro Honda many times went to the movie theater without even telling his parents. At that time in Japan, there was a great focus on silent films.

“Writers are often too literal or too abstract.”-Ishiro Honda 

Ishiro Honda finds this more fascinating than the films. His brothers and parents want him to be a dentist and to join the clinic. In 1931 he applied at Nihon University. Ishiro Honda was accepted to this University.

Ishiro Honda does a lot of hard work to achieve his dream. He inspires others with his work and wonderful journey. By reading the quotes of Ishiro Honda, you might get the inspiration to never quit in life.