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Ernest Holmes- 39 Empowering Quotes for Success

Ernest Holmes is a man whom we cannot forget. Not only is he the founder of the Divine Science church but he is also a prominent New Thought author who left a legacy of several influential books.

Born in 1887 on a small Maine farm, it appears that Ernest Holmes was always an inquisitive child. The end of his school days set him free on a quest to pursue some of life’s tough questions such as Who is God?, Why am I here?

The young Ernest Holmes would soon start to explore Ralph Waldo Emerson’s works.  According to the New Thought Library, Holmes had once remarked that, “Reading Emerson is like drinking water to me.”  It appears that Holmes had found his path.

He continued on this trail of discovery and he would indulge in the Christian Science teachings of Mary Baker Eddy. An ever hungry student, Ernest Holmes discovered and studied the works of Christian D Larson, Thomas Troward, Horatio Dresser and many others.

The hungry student was soon to turn into an enthusiastic teacher. Ernest Holmes began to share his ever expanding New Thought knowledge with a few people but it was not long before his audience grew into what is now known as the  Divine Science Church.

Whilst continuing to minister for his growing church, Ernest Holmes was also writing a lot of books. One of his famous books is The Science of Mind book published in 1922.  Alongside the Bible, the book was to become the scripture of the Religious Science teachings.

In 1927, Ernest Holmes married Hazel Durkee Foster and they stayed together until her death in 1957. 3 years later Ernest Holmes moved on, however his legacy continues to live on through his books.

ernest holmes quotes

Ernest Holmes Books

  • The Science of Mind
  • Creative Ideas
  • Practical Applications of the Science of Mind
  • Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life vol’s 1-6
  • The Art of Life
  • Effective Prayer
  • Immortality
  • Ideas For Living
  • Richer Living
  • Thoughts Are Things
  • The Voice Celestial
  • Good For You
  • Living The Science of Mind – “an easier read”
  • What Religious Science Teaches

Ernest Holmes put a lot of work into his writing and today we are left with several thousands words from him. Let’s take a look at some of Ernest Holmes quotes to discover what his message was.

Ernest Holmes Quotes

  1. In this spirit, we can think thoughts of success and success will follow as surely as day follows night, for our thought will not return unto us void.
  2. Fear brings failure; faith brings success. It’s just that simple.
  3. Even when we fail, we are proving that the Law works according to our belief that it will not work. Of course, we do not wish to fail, but if our mental attitude is one of doubt, then the result will be the out-picturing of our negative thoughts.
  4. Man is a center of God in God. Whatever God is in the Universal, man must be in the individual world.
  5. Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.
  6. In our lives of conditions we are the cause, and nothing moves except as our mind moves it
  7. The universal Mind contains all knowledge. It is the potential ultimate of all things. To it, all things are possible.
  8. Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer
  9. If we are thinking of ourselves as poor and needy, then Mind has no choice but to return what we have thought into it.
  10. Thoughts of failure, limitation or poverty are negative and must be counted out of our lives for all time.
  11. All the charity on earth has never done away with poverty, and never will; if it could have done so it would have done so; it could not, therefore it has not. It will do a man a thousand times more good to show him how to succeed than it will to tell him he needs charity.
  12. Each person is living in a world of his own making, and he should speak only such words and think only such thoughts as he wishes to see manifested in his life. We must not hear, think, speak, read or listen to limitation of any kind.
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  14. We will always attract to us, in our lives and conditions, according to our thought. Things are but outer manifestations of inner mental concepts.
  15. Begin to blot out, one by one, all false beliefs, all idea that man is limited or poor or miserable. Use that wonderful power of choice that God has given to you. Refuse to think of failure or to doubt your own power.
  16. Rise up in all the faith of one who knows what he is dealing with, and declare that you are one with Infinite Mind.
  17. You can attract only that which you first mentally become and feel yourself to be in reality, without any doubting.
  18. When we know that there is but one Power we shall not struggle, we shall know, and in calmness weshall see only what we know must be the Truth. This means a persistent, firm determination to think what we want to think, regardless of all outer evidence to the contrary. We look not to the seen but to the unseen. The king of Israel understood this when, looking upon the advancing host of the enemy, he said, “We have no might against this great company, but our eyes are upon Thee” upon the One Power.
  19. As all is mind, and as we attract to us what we first become, until we learn to love we arenot sending out love vibrations, and not until we send out love vibrations can we receive love in return.
  20. Love is the greatest healing and drawing power on earth. It is the very reason for our being, and that explains why it is that people should have something or somebody to love.
  21. Life is what we make it from within and never from without.
  22. The world is full of calamity howlers; turn from them, every one, no matter how great you think they may be; you haven’t the time to waste over anything that is negative.
  23. Daily give thanks for perfect supply. Feel it to be yours, that you have entered into the full possession of it now.
  24. Never lean on other people. You have strength of your own that is great enough to do all that is necessary.
  25. We are strong with the strength of the Infinite. We are not weak. We are great and not mean. We are One with the Infinite Mind.
  26. We are not limited by actual boundaries, but by false ideas about life and by a failure to recognize that we are dealing with the Infinite.
  27. Another thing that we must eliminate is talking about limitation; we must not even think of it or read about it, or have any connection with it in any of our thinking, for we get only that which we think, no more and no less.
  28. The inner man is always in immediate connection with the Infinite of understanding.
  29. The development of the understanding is learning to draw from the Infinite understanding; we can never do this while we are confused in our thinking.
  30. We must realize that there is something that wants to respond, to make manifest and in this realization wait for the idea; it may not come at first, but we must be patient, never doubting, and waiting thus in faith, it will come.- Ernest Holmes quotes
  31. “Life is ever giving of itself. We must receive, utilize and extend the gift. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people.” Ernest Holmes
  32. ernest holmes quotes
  33. Creative Mind cannot force itself upon us because we have the power of self-choice.
  34. Never struggle, Mind makes things out of Itself, there is no effort made. Don’t think that there is so much to be overcome.
  35. We have within us a power that is greater than anything that we shall ever contact in the outer, a power that can overcome every obstacle in our life and set us safe, satisfied and at peace, healed and prosperous, in a new light and in a new life.
  36. We must get the perfect vision, the perfect conception. We must enlarge our thought until it realizes all good and then we must swing right out and use this Almighty Power for definite purposes.
  37. If you believe absolutely that you can do a certain thing, the way will always be opened for you to do it.
  38. The one who desires to heal must stop seeing, reading about, discussing or listening to conversation about sickness.
  39. The great law of life is thinking and becoming and when we think from the lofty heights of the Spirit we will become great and not until then.
  40. Spiritual evolution should make the infinite not more distant, but more intimate.” Ernest Holmes
  41. “The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of natural forces and laws.” Ernest Holmes
  42. “The universal mind contains all knowledge. It is the potential ultimate of all things. To it, all things are possible.” Ernest Holmes

Ernest Holmes continues to speak to us through his quotes. His legacy includes present day teachers like Michael Beckwith.

I hope these quotes have strengthened your faith and the belief that you can achieve your dreams. Ernest Holmes is teaching us to be dreamers and relax in the knowing that our needs are taken of. This relaxed expectation video from Abraham Hicks will soothe you right into it that train of thought.

Ernest Holmes Rare Video

Enjoy this rare video of the man that is Ernest Holmes. What a treat, may you be blessed by this!



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