50 Most Popular Norwegian Proverbs

Norwegian Proverbs – Different countries in the world have different proverbs and phrases. The proverbs are according to that country. These proverbs are unique in their way. These sayings and proverbs teach a lot of things.

Some proverbs have a suitable lesson in them. The lesson that you remember during life. They give the idea regarding society and the culture of that country.

Just like other countries Norwegian also has a lot of proverbs. Sometimes we are not obvious with the correct meaning of these proverbs. But when you understand these proverbs it gives a lot of lessons.

Norwegian proverbs teach us about life. Some of these proverbs have a great lesson in them. Here, we have some famous Norwegian proverbs. There is a collection of wonderful Norwegian proverbs. These proverbs also help you to learn the Norwegian language.

50 Leading Norwegian Proverbs

1.Norwegian Proverbs

2.”ugler i mosen”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Owls in the moss.

3.”morgenstund har gull i munn”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Morning time is gold in the mouth.

4.”eplet faller ikke langt fra stammen”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: The apple doesn’t fall far from the trunk.

5.”like barn leker best”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Similar children play best.

6.”(man kan ikke få) både i pose og sekk”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: One can’t get both the bag and sack.

7.”førstemann til mølla”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: First man to the mill’ or sometimes just ‘first to the mill.

8.”smi mens jernet er varmt”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: forge while the iron is hot.

9.”storm i et vannglass”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Storm in a glass of water.

10.”som plommen i egget”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Like the yolk in the egg.

11.”bedre føre var (enn etter snar)”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Better before than looking back in regret.

12.”bedre sent enn aldri”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Better late than never.

13.”øving gjør mester”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Practice makes perfect.

14.”fra asken til ilden”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: from the ashes to the fire.

15.”ta med en klype salt”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Take with a pinch of salt.

16.”ta for god fisk”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Take for a good fish.

17.”aldri for sent å snu”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: It’s never too late to turnaround.

18.”Å ha bein i nesa”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To have bones in your nose

19.”Jeg har en høne å plukke med deg”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: I have a hen to pluck with you


Norwegian Proverbs

21.”Å være midt i smørøyet”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To be in the middle of the butter eye

22.”Å koka bort i kålen”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To boil away/into nothing in the cabbage

23.”Å tråkke i salaten”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To step in the salad

24.”Å grave ned stridsøksen”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To bury the battle axe

25.”Å røyke fredspipe”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To smoke a peace pipe

26.”Å være pling i bollen”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To be a ping in the bowl

27.”Å få blod på tannen”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To get blood on your tooth

28.”Å stå med skjegget i postkassa”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To stand with your beard in the post box

29.”Å være helt Nils”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To be completely Nils

30.”Man skal ikke skue hunden på hårene”-Norwegian Proverb

Englisht ranslation: You shouldn’t judge the dog on its hairs

31.”Å skrive noe bak øret”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To write something behind the ear

32.”Å snake rett fra leveren”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To speak directly from the liver

33.”Der er ugler i mosen”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: There are owls in the bog

34.”Å sette det lengste beinet foran”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To put the longest leg in front

35.Norwegian Proverbs

36.”Å ha en finger med i spillet”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To have a finger included in the game

37.”Det er helt Texas!”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: That’s completely Texas!

38.” Å være pling i bollen”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To be a ping in the bowl.

39.”Å få blod på tannen”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To get blood on your tooth.

40.”Å stå/sitter med skjegget i postkassa”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To stand / sit with your beard in the post box.

41.”Man skal ikke skue hunden på hårene”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: You shouldn’t judge the dog on its hairs.

42.”Is i magen”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Ice in one’s stomach.

43.”Å gjøre kål på”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To make cabbage of

44.”Å være på bærtur / på viddene / ute og sykle”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: Berry-picking / on the moors / out cycling

45.”Å være på pletten”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To be on the spot.

46.”Det er aldri så galt at det ikke er godt for noe!”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: It’s never so bad that it’s not good for something.

47.”Å skrive noe bak øret”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To write something behind the ear.

48.”Å snakke rett fra leveren”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To speak directly from the liver.

49.”Der er ugler i mosen”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: There are owls in the moss.


Norwegian Proverbs


Sometimes we want to learn a different language. We take different classes or try to learn it from a textbook. But if you want to learn the language of any specific country you have to read things carefully.

You can only understand the specific language if you understand the sayings and proverbs. When you start understanding the proverbs without their translation then you learn the language perfectly. Proverbs are like a bridge.

“Å ta beina på nakken”-Norwegian Proverb

English translation: To put your legs on your neck.

The proverbs of a country have specific meanings and specific lessons. With the help of these proverbs, the language comes alive. The sayings and proverbs give new life to the language.

If you want to understand the Norwegian language then these proverbs will help you a lot. By reading the Norwegian proverbs you can understand the language perfectly. Do share, like, and comment on these Norwegian proverbs.

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