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joe dispenza quotes

I know you are very keen to indulge into Dr Joe Dispenza quotes but first let’s give him an introduction.

Doctor Joe Dispenza is a internationally acclaimed neuroscientist who is also a best selling author and a sought after lecturer in the field of neuro science. The basis of Dr Dispenza’s teachings is that every one of us has the power within to achieve greatness and success.


He believes that the human brain is infact a nuclear power in its own right and that if we know how to harness it, therein lies the power to overcome disease, keys to unlock financial abundance and the magic to realise our dreams. In fact Dr Dispenza’s slogan is simply “Change your mind, change your life.” 

In addition to delivering lectures all over the world, Dr Dispenza dedicates his time to research. His extensive research has led him to publish the following books:

Joe Dispenza Books

  •  Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon:  this book combines science and ancient wisdom to demonstrate how ordinary people can experience a mystical life.
  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: is a book which shows how changing your mind can indeed change your life.
  • You Are the Placebo: combining the latest research in neuroscience, biology, psychology, hypnosis, behavioral conditioning, and quantum physics to demonstrate that the placebo effect is in fact a scientific  and will show you how the seemingly impossible can become possible!”


Joe Dispenza Quotes on Power of The Mind

  1. “We’ve in fact conditioned ourselves to believe all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily true — and many of these things are having a negative impact on our health and happiness.”
  2. joe dispenza quotes
  3. “If we have very strong beliefs about something, evidence to the contrary could be sitting right in front of us, but we may not see it because what we perceive is entirely different.”
  4. “We cannot create a new future, by holding on to the emotions of the past.”

  5. “Learning is forming new connections in the brain and memory is maintaining/sustaining those connections.”
  6. “When you are observing the old self, you are no longer the program, now you are the consciousness observing the program and that’s when you begin to objectify your subjective self.”
  7. “If you become aware of your automatic habits and you are conscious of your unconscious behaviors so you can not go unconscious again, then you are changing.”

Joe Dispenza Quotes on Stress

  1. “The hormones of stress, in the long term, push the genetic buttons that create disease.”
    “When we live by the hormones of stress and all of the energy goes to these hormonal centers and away from the heart, the heart gets starved of energy.”
  2. “As long as we are living by the hormones of stress, we are living as a materialist, because the hormones of stress cause us to believe that the outer world is more real than the inner world.”

  3. “The hormones of stress make us feel separate from possibility (of learning, creation and trust).”
  4. “If the hormones of stress are like a narcotic and we could turn on the stress response just by thought alone, then we could get addicted to our thoughts.”
  5. “People can get addicted to the adrenaline and the stress hormones, and they start using the problems and conditions in their life to reaffirm their emotional addiction, so they can remember who they think they are. The bad circumstances, the bad relationship, the bad job, all of that is in place because the person needs that to reaffirm their emotional addiction.”
  1. “We should never wait for science to give us permission to do the uncommon; if we do, then we are turning science into another religion.”― Joe Dispenza
  2. “A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom.”― Joe Dispenza

  3. “To be empowered—to be free, to be unlimited, to be creative, to be genius, to be divine—that is who you are…. Once you feel this way, memorize this feeling; remember this feeling. This is who you really are….”― Joe Dispenza
  4. “If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self.”― Joe Dispenza
  5. “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”― Joe Dispenza,
  6. “Your thoughts and feelings come from your past memories. If you think and feel a certain way, you begin to create an attitude. An attitude is a cycle of short-term thoughts and feelings experienced over and over again. Attitudes are shortened states of being. If you string a series of attitudes together, you create a belief. Beliefs are more elongated states of being and tend to become subconscious. When you add beliefs together, you create a perception. Your perceptions have everything to do with the choices you make, the behaviors you exhibit, the relationships you chose, and the realities you create.”― Joe Dispenza
  7. “Psychologists tell us that by the time we’re in our mid-30s, our identity or personality will be completely formed. This means that for those of us over 35, we have memorized a select set of behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, emotional reactions, habits, skills, associative memories, conditioned responses, and perceptions that are now subconsciously programmed within us. Those programs are running us, because the body has become the mind. This means that we will think the same thoughts, feel the same feelings, react in identical ways, behave in the same manner, believe the same dogmas, and perceive reality the same ways. About 95 percent of who we are by midlife1 is a series of subconscious programs that have become automatic—driving a car, brushing our teeth, overeating when we’re stressed, worrying about our future, judging our friends, complaining about our lives, blaming our parents, not believing in ourselves, and insisting on being chronically unhappy, just to name a few.”― Joe Dispenza
  8. “Can you accept the notion that once you change your internal state, you don’t need the external world to provide you with a reason to feel joy, gratitude, appreciation, or any other elevated emotion?”― Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza Quotes on Law of Attraction

  1. “The latest research supports the notion that we have a natural ability to change the brain and body by thought alone, so that it looks biologically like some future event has already happened. Because you can make thought more real than anything else, you can change who you are from brain cell to gene, given the right understanding.”
    ― Joe Dispenza
  2. “The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.”
  3. “You have to feel empowered for your success to show up, you have to feel abundant for your wealth to find you. You have to feel gratitude to create the life that you want.”

  4. “Spend time, contemplating who you want to be. The mere process of contemplating who you want to be, begins to change your brain.”
  5. “When you marry a clear intention (intention being a thoughtful process), with an elevated emotion (which is a heartfelt process), you move into a new state of being.”
  6. “Remind yourself every single day of who you want to be and you will cause your brain to fire in new sequences, in new patterns, in new combinations. And whenever you make your brain work differently, you are changing your mind.”
  7. “your thoughts have consequences so great that they create your reality.”― Joe Dispenza,
  8. “Like clay, the energy of infinite possibilities is shaped by consciousness: your mind.”― Joe Dispenza
  9. “As our emotions become more elevated, we will naturally ascend to a higher level of consciousness, closer to Source … and feel more connected to universal intelligence.”― Joe Dispenza

  10. “When you hold clear, focused thoughts about your purpose, accompanied by your passionate emotional engagement, you broadcast a stronger electromagnetic signal that pulls you toward a potential reality that matches what you want.”― Joe Dispenza
  11. “Your past shortfalls can be traced, at their root, to one major oversight: you haven’t committed yourself to living by the truth that your thoughts have consequences so great that they create your reality”― Joe Dispenza
  12. “Instead, change your internal environment—the way you think and feel—and then see how the external environment is altered by your efforts.”― Joe Dispenza

  13. “Your heart beats 2 gallons of blood every minute. Over a 100 gallons of blood every hour, it beats a 10,000 times in one day, 40 million times a year and over 3 billion times in one lifetime. It pumps consistently without you consciously thinking about it.”
  14. “The observer effect in quantum physics states that where you direct your attention is where you place your energy.”― Joe Dispenza
  15.  “We’ve in fact conditioned ourselves to believe all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily true — and many of these things are having a negative impact on our health and happiness.” – Joe Dispenza
  16. “If we have very strong beliefs about something, evidence to the contrary could be sitting right in front of us, but we may not see it because what we perceive is entirely different.” – Joe Dispenza
  17. . “We’re addicted to our beliefs; we’re addicted to the emotions of our past. We see our beliefs as truths, and not as ideas that we can change.” – Joe Dispenza

  18. Are we more likely to suffer from arthritis, stiff joints, poor memory, flagging energy, and decreased sex drive as we age, simply because that’s the version of the truth that ads, commercials, television shows, and media reports bombard us with? What other self-fulfilling prophecies are we creating in our minds without being aware of what we’re doing? And what “inevitable truths” can we successfully reverse simply through thinking new thoughts and choosing new beliefs?
  19. “If where you place your attention is where you place your energy. If all of your attention is in the present moment, you’ve got a lot of energy to create with.” – Joe Dispenza
  20.  “Hold a clear intention of what you want, but leave the “how” details to the unpredictable quantum field. Let it orchestrate an event in your life in a way that is just right for you. If you’re going to expect anything, expect the unexpected. Surrender, trust, and let go of how a desired event will unfold.” – Joe Dispenza

  21. We are creatures of habit. We think somewhere between 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts in one day, and 90 percent of those thoughts are exactly the same ones we had the day before.” – Joe Dispenza
  22. “Most people wait for something outside of them to change how they feel inside.” – Joe Dispenza
  23.  “Most people wait for crises or trauma before they make up their mind to change. My message is ‘why wait’? You can learn and change in a state of suffering or you can learn and change in a state of joy and inspiration.” – Joe Dispenza
  24.  “Your brain and body don’t know the difference between having an actual experience in your life and just thinking about the experience—neurochemically, it’s the same.” – Joe Dispenza

  25. “You can’t wait for that healing to feel wholeness. You have to feel wholeness for that healing to occur.” – Joe Dispenza
  26. “Every time we have a thought, we make a chemical. If we have good thoughts, we make chemicals that make us feel good. And if we have negative thoughts, we make chemicals that make us feel exactly the way we are thinking.

  27. joe dispenza quotes
  28. “You can change your brain just by thinking differently.”
  29. “Knowledge is power, but knowledge about yourself is self empowerment.”

  30. “The privilege of being a human being is that we can make a thought seem more real than anything else.”
  31. “Conscious thoughts, repeated often enough, become unconscious thinking.”― Joe Dispenza

You can continue to explore Doctor Dispenza’s message through his Youtube videos. You will be able to tune into Doctor Dispenza’s guided morning meditations,  evening meditations and much more. Why not tune in right now, here is video for you.

Joe Dispenza Meditation Video


From reading through Dr Dispenza’s quotes, it is clear that although he comes from a neuro-scientific point of view, his teachings echo those of teachers like Abraham Hicks, Grant Cardone, Earl Nightingale and many others. As Doctor Wayne Dyer put it, “When you change the If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  We learn this from Dr Dispenza that when we work on our brain, everything else in our lives will just fall into place.

I hope you have learned something and you feel inspired to do the brain work and change your life. Kindly share the inspiration, you may just bring some positivity in someone’s life. Thanks for stopping by:)