51 Irelia Quotes

Irelia Quotes – Irelia is a popular character in the game the Leagues of Legends. She gets training in the ancient dance, which belongs to her province. Irelia learned the traditional dance of silk. Irelia loves to dance, and her love for dance is real.

Due to this, her love for dance is also shown in war. With her graceful dance and with carefully practised movements, Irelia attacks her enemies. She fights with the enemies to protect her homeland.

The legacy of Irelia is not in the game only. But it is as a character in general. Irelia quotes or the dialogues in the games offer several lessons. Check out Irelia quotes you may just find that resonate with them.

Sometimes during fighting in life, moving forward becomes very difficult. We have collected the inspiring Irelia quotes from the game Leagues of Legends for helping you in challenging times.

51 Most Popular Irelia Quotes


Irelia Quotes

2- “We will live on… Either in victory, or in the scars we leave on them!”– Irelia Quotes

3- “They await my words… what should I tell them?”– Irelia Quotes

4-“We stand on the bones of the ones who came before us. For them, we fight!”– Irelia Quotes

5- “I have but one life to give for Ionia. I must make it count.”– Irelia Quotes

6- “Ready for takeoff!”– Irelia Quotes

7- “Yup, they’re ice blades. Don’t stick your tongue to them.”– Irelia Quote

8- “I have walked the silver plains and fished the rivers of grass. The land knows me.”– Irelia Quotes

9- “Remember what’s been lost. Fight for what hasn’t been.”– Irelia Quotes

10- “(Laughs) They thought they could tame our land.”– Irelia Quotes

11- “To live under a boot is not to live.”– Irelia Quotes

12- “My dance has 42 forms. They’ll only see one.”– Irelia Quotes

13-  “I carry a lot more than these blades.”– Irelia Quotes

14-  “We are the children of the First Lands, and we will not be slaves!”– Irelia Quotes

15- “I remember when I danced for fun.”– Irelia Quotes

16- “Live today like you’re going to die tomorrow.”– Irelia Quotes

17-  “What strange power works through me, I do not know.”– Irelia Quotes

18- “I move to unsung melodies and unbeaten rhythms.”– Irelia Quotes

19- “Zelos told the worst jokes… How I miss them.”– Irelia Quotes


Irelia Quotes

21- “If they capture me they’ll kill me… (Laughs) If.”– Irelia Quotes

22- “We do this for those who came before us, and those who come next.”– Irelia Quotes

23- “Ours is the land of magic, and that is worth dying for.”– Irelia Quotes

24- “Their weapons are great, but our will is greater.”– Irelia Quotes

25- “We are the only masters of our fate!”– Irelia Quotes

26- “Do we want to be safe? Or free? The choice is ours.”– Irelia Quotes

27- “Better times there were, and will be again.”– Irelia Quotes

28- “Dance with what brought you: in this case, blades.”– Irelia Quotes

29- “I never meant to lead. I fought, and they followed.”– Irelia Quotes

30-  “An ocean separates us… for good reason.”– Irelia Quotes

31- “Where they fell, freedom grew!”– Irelia Quotes

32- “These blades were whetted on the bones of tyrants!”– Irelia Quotes

33- “Act, and the whole world will move!”– Irelia Quotes

34- “They’ll know me as the last to lay down her weapons.”– Irelia Quotes

35-  “They didn’t kill us all!”– Irelia Quotes

36- “The voices of my brothers still carry on the wind.”– Irelia Quotes

37-  “I am both the tranquil sea and the tempest.”– Irelia Quotes

38- “A mastered weapon needs no haft.”– Irelia Quotes

39- “Stay ready, and there is no need to get ready.”– Irelia Quotes


Irelia Quotes

41-  “Ionia is our only home!”– Irelia Quotes

42- “Be the leader they need.”– Irelia Quotes

43- “I am not unfriendly! I am a warm and caring person.”– Irelia Quotes

44- “Freedom has a demanding rhythm.”– Irelia Quotes

45- “I really should’ve stretched first… Oh well.”– Irelia Quotes

46- “They came for our magics. They’ll pay with their lives.”– Irelia Quotes

47- “Harm no one… Unless they come for your home.”– Irelia Quotes

48- “None can do what I do… So I will do it.”– Irelia Quotes

49- “A single pebble may sink a warship. And a thousand pebbles… (laughs)”– Irelia Quotes

50- “Peace must sometimes be bought with blood.”– Irelia Quotes


Irelia Quotes

Most of us want to get freedom in our life. When we are free we feel joyous and indispensable. Irelia quotes teach us that in order to get the freedom we must have the resilience and tenacity to fight for what we believe in.

“Even if they kill me, they’ll still have to fight the land.”– Irelia Quotes

Irelia is a symbol of power, belief and determination. All the good attributes we need to be fulfilled in life. As you go about your day, let Irelia inspire you to stand tall and have confidence in you. Walk over that fear, brush aside the naysayers and march on as you please!

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