55 Billionaire Quotes That Will Inspire You

Billionaire quotes are sure going to be popular because we all want to be billionaires, right? Billionaires represent success particularly in the financial area of life and any form of success is a welcome addition to this inspirational website.

These billionaire quotes are not here to make you money hungry but rather to teach that we can transform our lives. Most billionaires were not born billionaires, they have used their knowledge, people skills, and business acumen to realize their success.

Most importantly, these billionaires often have a trail of ‘failures’ behind them. Therefore, these billionaire quotes are the perfect teachers that out of struggle, out of failure, out of simple ideas can come great things. These inspirational quotes present all of us with the opportunity to learn invaluable lessons on achieving big.

If we can only achieve 1% of their success, wouldn’t we have moved major milestones? Enjoy!

Self-made Billionaire Quotes that Will Change Your Outlook

  1. “Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself.” –Bill Gates
  2. “We cannot limit ourselves to continuing on the path we have already opened.” – Amancio Ortega
  3. “The best investment you can make is in yourself.” -Warren Buffet
  4. “Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.” -Jeff Bezos
  5. “Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it.” -Mark Zuckerberg
  6. “Think of it as you want it, not as it is.”– Larry Ellison
  7. “Being an entrepreneur isn’t really about starting a business. It’s a way of looking at the world; seeing opportunity where others see obstacles, taking risks when others take refuge.” -Michael Bloomberg
  8. “To do meaningful work is to contribute – to create value in society.” –Charles Koch
  9. “After I pass on to another life, I would like the people to think of David Koch and my brother Charles as people who did everything they could to make the world a better place to live.” -David Koch
  10. “Intelligence is the ability to see the sets and the the views of others.” -Lilliane Bettencourt
  11. “If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning.” -Larry Page
  12. “I would like to see anyone be able to achieve their dreams, and that’s what this organization does.” -Sergey Brin
  13. “When something has to be done, do it. In France, we are full of good ideas, but we rarely put them into practice.” -Bernard Arnault
  14. “Technology has saved us money in some circumstances,
  15. but it has really afforded us the ability to cover stories from locations we might not have been able to in the past.” -Jim Walton
  16. “One of the great responsibilities that I have is to manage my assets wisely so that they create value.” Alice Walton
  17. “I learned from my dad that change and experimentation are constants and important. You have to keep trying new things.” -S. Robson Walton
  18. “In setting goals and executing a strategy, Wanda is sophisticated. We have good systems and departments. If targets are not reached, a yellow light goes off.” -Wang Jianlin

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  20. “I always say, to have a big dream requires the same effort as having a small dream. Dream Big!” -Jorge Paulo Lemann
  21. “The future may be made up of many factors but where it truly lies in in the hearts and minds of men. Your dedication should not be confined for your own gain, but unleashes your passion for our beloved country as well as for the integrity and humanity of mankind.” -Li Ka-Shing
  22. “Change your language and you change your thoughts.” -Karl Albrecht
  23. “I’m only rich because I know when I’m wrong. I basically have survived by recognizing my mistakes.” -George Soros
  24. “Dream audaciously. Have the courage to fail forward. Act with urgency.” -Phil Knight
  25. “Dynamic duos are the stuff of corporate legend.” -David Thomson
  26. “One capability every business is expected to have is the capability to make money. It requires a certain kind of discipline, a certain kind of mindset.” –Steve Ballmer
  27. “If you make a really good product that people want and are willing to pay for, money will come.” -Forrest Mars, Jr.
  28. “Freedom is what beauty feels like when it can most express itself.” –Jacqueline Mars
  29. “Live the present intensely and fully, do not let the past be a burden, and let the future be an incentive. Each person forges his or her own destiny.” -Carlos Slim Helu
  30. “An entrepreneur is born with the mentality to take risks, though there are several important characteristics: courage, faith in yourself, and above all, even when you fail, to learn from failure and get up and try again.” -Sheldon Adelson
  31. “Buffett does enjoy being a billionaire, but in offbeat ways. As he put it, though money cannot change your health or how many people love you, it lets you be in ‘more interesting environments.”― Roger Lowenstein,
  32. “I studied every thing but never topped. But today the toppers of the best universities are my employees”― Bill Gates
  33. “You said you didn’t want this,” she whispered, feeling her stomach melting in on itself.
  34. “I lied.” He said, simply”― January James
  35. “Billionaires’ working hours are twenty-four seven. They don’t wait till Monday.”― Sophie Page
  36. “Wait, I’ve got a billion years because the Klassik is GOAT. [In the song ‘ Who is the Badman Killa?’]”― DON SANTO
  37. “Are we comfortable as a nation to see a huge increase in millionaires and billionaires but have more people living in austerity than ever?” ― Fuad Alakbarov

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  39. “If a billionaire really starts doing actual humanitarian work in their fullest capacity, they would stop being billionaires.”– Abhijit Naska
  40. “Private philanthropy might just be able to make United Nations agencies, international organizations, and government more effective in a way that just increasing taxes on billionaires can’t.”― Raj Kumar
  41. “Beauty and desire to possess have driven men mad for centuries. Add a hundred and twenty billion dollars annually to that equation and you have serious trouble.”― Hannah Rothschild
  42. “The main obstacle to further progress on the resource curse is China, and to a lesser extent India.”― George Soros
  43. “Till luxury becomes a thing of the past, equality will remain a thing of the future.”― Abhijit Naskar
  44. “Stop and frisk does not get my vote.”― Steven Magee
  45. “President Trump is proof that a billionaire as President does not work.”― Steven Magee

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  47. “The Republican Party greatly appreciate your support of a very shady billionaire in 2020.”― Steven Magee
  48. “President Trump has demonstrated that putting a billionaire into the White House does not work, as the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.”― Steven Magee
  49. “Soon the day will come when only the children of billionaires will have the right to a healthy and prosperous life, and all the other children will simply be lost in the cruel exploits of politics and consumerism.”― Abhijit Naskar
  50. “Becoming a billionaire is not to make billions of dollars – but affecting the lives of a billion people. That’s my goal!― George Stamatis
  51. “With the exponential development of AI-powered multisensory immersive technologies, within 10-15 years, most of us could immerse in ‘real virtualities’ akin to lifestyles of today’s billionaires. Give it another couple of decades, each of us might opt to create and run our own virtual universe with [simulated] physics indistinguishable from the physics of our world. Or you can always ‘fine-tune’ the ruleset, or tweak historical scenarios at will.”― Alex M. Vikoulov
  52. “As I like to put it, we have hit pay dirt. The effort to cure the resource curse is a good example of what private foundations working with NGOs can accomplish.”― George Soros
  53. “Billionaires are the new monarchs of the world.”― Abhijit Naskar
  54. “In a truly civilized society there wouldn’t be any billionaire, nor will there be any homeless, for all the revenue generated through taxing the rich would be distributed among the people through welfare initiatives.” ― Abhijit Naskar

Billionaire Quotes: Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed spending time with billionaires and tuning into their mindset. Billionaires are people like everyone else but what distinguishes them is the level of success they have managed to create. Through these quotes, we learn that billionaires possess great characteristics that we often take for granted. George Soros says,

“I’m only rich because I know when I’m wrong. I basically have survived by recognizing my mistakes.”

Sometimes we think that it is big things that make people rich but from these quotes, it is clear that simple things like taking responsibility for own mistakes or failures are very important.

Over to you, what is your take away from these billionaire quotes? Do you have a favorite quote from this great selection?