Don T Get So Busy Making A Living


Don T Get So Busy Making A Living

Don T Get So Busy Making A Living – Life offers you several opportunities to take advantage of the possibility to live your life. You should live life to the fullest by doing everything you’ve always wanted to do, seeing the locations you want to visit, and eating everything you want. People from various cultures have different ideas about what it means to live. Most of the time, it won’t fit with other people’s ideas. It does not follow that you are in error. Since every one of us is an individual human being, we each have our own beliefs about how to best conduct our lives.

However, what we observe most frequently is that individuals are attempting to have secure lives. They no longer chase their aspirations and no longer have dreams. These folks neglect to enjoy lives since they are preoccupied with making a living. These are the individuals that are always working to accumulate as much as possible for everything, including their children, families, personal requirements, and the future. Money is their only concern, and all they desire is financial security and stability for their family.


“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.”

These folks are constantly claiming that they will live their lives later, which is why they are accumulating so much. But little do they know that it will be too late for them to take advantage of the energy and passion life has to give when they eventually stop thinking about making a living and start enjoying their lives. As a result, you shouldn’t be concerned with surviving so much that you entirely forget to create and live a life. Yes, earning a livelihood is crucial because without money, how would you survive? But it’s also critical to recognise the value of life and to fully embrace each moment.


Don T Get So Busy Making A Living

Don’t forget to enjoy your life and pursue your aspirations while earning money. While achieving all of those goals, try to have fun. Find some room in your schedule and money for some fun family vacations to new places. Make time for the activities that make you happy, give you energy, or just make you grin! Have fun with life.

“You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.”


It is understandable why individuals are stressed out since they never have time to unwind or spend quality time with the people that matter most in their lives due to work, other commitments, errands, and other time-consuming duties. Never let yourself get so preoccupied with earning a living that you neglect to live a life, pause to smell the roses, or cherish the moments spent with loved ones. Spending every waking hour working your way up the corporate ladder may help you become financially stable, but no amount of money will make up for lost time as you age.

What was the use of all your hard work if you were to achieve the pinnacle of professional accomplishment only to die alone, without friends or family to care about you or who cared about them? Give yourself some alone time every day, and never lose sight of the people we care about most in life. Cherish the time you have left on earth by spending it with friends and family, creating memories, and being present.

Live in your present. Being alert, grateful, and accepting in the moment is being present. We create a life for ourselves in this way. Right there in front of us, there are people and creatures expressing their love, thanks, and care. Are they making us happy? Are we accepting and appreciating each moment as it arises, regardless of whether it is positive, negative, or neutral? If not, it’s likely that we’re operating on automatic pilot. Making a life worth living and enjoying is not based on material possessions but rather on intangibles. Our existence is greatly enhanced by the individuals we meet, get to know, and love. Are we taking full use of them? Are we spending time with friends and family members making memories? Look upon your life and start spending time with friends and family.

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Work is a whole different experience when your life is balanced. When you are passionate about anything, you reach a whole other level of thankfulness and contentment, and that is when you are at your finest. Anyone may be inspired to take the required actions to achieve a healthy work-life balance by realising how important it is to do so. A healthy work-life balance benefits both the company and the people. The productivity, morale, and physical health of employees may all be improved by striking a balance between work and personal life. In actuality, we should all prioritise finding a work-life balance. A lack of balance in any one of these areas will make life difficult and provide several risks to one’s health, happiness, and emotional stability.

Don T Get So Busy Making A Living

You lose a lot of the other great traits that make you appealing to employers and other people if your life is entirely focused on work. Your abilities will grow and develop, and having hobbies outside of work will make you a more well-rounded and intriguing person. You’ll be able to impart those insights and experiences to others.

Having a healthy work-life balance can help employees feel more in control of their working lives and can result in:

  • a rise in output.
  • fewer cases of illness and absence.
  • a more contented and relaxed staff.
  • staff members feeling significant and respected in their personal and/or family lives
  • improvements in the wellbeing and mental health of employees.
  • Staff who are more committed, motivated, and loyal are less likely to depart.

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  1. “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” —Dolly Parton
  2. “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” —Thomas Edison
  3. “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” —Mother Teresa
  4. “You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.” —Heather Schuck
  5. “The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man.” —Euripides
  6. “In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth.” —Patti Smith
  7. “Balance provides the chance for longevity. You can be a champion at work and at home.” —Tony Dungy
  8. “The hardest thing to find in life is balance—especially, the more success you have, the more you look to the other side of the gate.” —Celine Dion
  9. “I think what I’m going to do is get more balance in my life to still be able to go out and play the hard rock ‘n’ roll…” —Joan Jett
  10. “Part of keeping work and life in balance is surrounding yourself with people that have similar aspirations.” —Damon Dash