Don’t Hurt Me Quotes

32 Don’t Hurt Me Quotes for You to Understand Things Better

Don’t Hurt Me Quotes – Everything begins with love, and it’s probably the most valuable and vital thing in life. Love is only hoping that we all are living over this universe and things are going in the right direction. People, countries, animals, and every alive thing in this universe are connected with each other with this single word.

We love our family, friends, relatives, all the other people we know, and everything that seems positive towards us. One should keep in mind that love is a two-way thing. If you are in a relationship with any boy or a girl, you just need to deliver it back.

If you are getting it from your partner, you also have the nerves to give it back as well. Whenever there is love there is attention, care, sacrifice, compromise, and various other expectations that we bind with others.

32 Don’t Hurt Me Quotes and Proverbs for Better Understanding

  1. Don’t Hurt Me Quotes
  2. “You’re going to fuck me right now, and I’m going to love every second of it, Gavin. You’re going to fuck me, and you’re not going to hurt the baby. But I can tell you, if you don’t fuck me right now, I’m going to hurt you. ” — Gail McHugh
  3. “I thought I was broke. Why does my jaw hurt? ” — Dave Attell
  4. “You don’t need to be seeing someone to be in love with her. You can have lost touch with her, she can have hurt you, even inexplicably. If you ever felt that you really knew her and that it was what you knew that you loved, and if you remember what it was you once knew, why is it so crazy to retain that love still? ” — Elliot Perlman
  5. “Why? It doesn’t hurt you or anything. I told you I won’t bother you if you don’t want me to. And if you do, well, I’m all about that. So what’s it matter if I just love you from afar?” I didn’t entirely know. “Because . . . because you can’t! ” — Richelle Mead
  6. “I would never hurt you that way save for one reason: to keep you safe. I can live with your anger, your retribution … bloody hell, despise me if you must, but don’t expect me to behave as though you aren’t the most important thing in my life. You are, and I will let no one, yourself included, bring you to harm. ” — Jeaniene Frost
  7. “Everyone keeps telling me that time heals all wounds, but no one can tell me what I’m supposed to do right now. Right now I can’t sleep. It’s right now that I can’t eat. Right now I still hear his voice and sense his presence even though I know he’s not here. Right now all I seem to do is cry. I know all about time and wounds healing, but even if I had all the time in the world, I still don’t know what to do with all this hurt right now. ” — Nina Guilbeau
  8. “It’s a very brave thing for anyone to do, offering love to another person. We make ourselves so vulnerable when we do it, don’t we? We give that other person such power to hurt us and to rob us of our dignity. No one should ever belittle that gift, nor the giver. ” — Lynn Hall
  9. “I’m so sorry … just please … stay. Just tell me the truth, just tell me what happened. I don’t care, I’m not going to let him hurt you anymore. Listen to me, I’m in love with you. If you stay I promise there’s no safer place in the world than with me. You don’t have to be scared … I love you … please stay. ” — Nicholas Sparks
  10. “Look, I don’t know who has been telling you over the years that you aren’t worthy of love and happiness, but they’re idiots. We all deserve it. And if people get hurt along the way, that’s life. We’ve all been hurt. Doesn’t that make love more crucial to our lives? ” — Karina Halle
  11. “I don’t sleep anymore. And I haven’t known happiness since the day I left your arms. I don’t expect your forgiveness nor do I deserve it for what I’ve done to you and to us. Just know that I hurt along with you, that I suffer without you, and that I’ll love you forever. ” — Cecy Robson
  12. “My old man taught me a lot of stuff in his death that I don’t even know if he would have been able to teach me had he been alive. And that was to never do stuff that can jeopardize the people you love and hurt them. ” — Freddie Prinze Jr.
  13. “I’ll return your love, ” she says.”And I won’t look at you differently. And I’ll always be there to put something under your head so you don’t hurt yourself. ” — Garth Stein
  14. “’But I don’t want to argue. I think it’s wonderful that we can kiss and forget, and when we can’t it’ll be time to argue. ” — F Scott Fitzgerald
  15. “Don’t hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love. ” — Leo Buscaglia

  16. Don’t Hurt Me Quotes
  17. “On social media there’s this thing where on many occasions, there’s a single proscribed way of acting. Like if somebody dies, everyone has to say “R.I.P.! R.I.P.!” Basically they’re saying, “Don’t hurt me, I’m a good person.” – Jon Ronson
  18. “I write from my soul. This is the reason that critics don’t hurt me, because it is me. If it was not me, if I was pretending to be someone else, then this could unbalance my world, but I know who I am. ” – Paulo Coelho
  19. “Not half as much as I’d miss me if you killed me. (He blinked like a girl and leaned against Ash’s shoulder.) Please don’t hurt me, Ash. Please. I don’t want to die while I’m still a virgin. At least let me get laid before you kill me – which according to my mom I can’t do until I’m married and I can’t do that until I finish college. So you have to wait a good ten years before you snuff me. Deal? (Nick) ” – Sherrilyn Kenyon
  20. “Don’t let anyone see your vulnerable spots. Once they knew how to hurt you, they would do it again and again. ” – Sarah Addison Allen
  21. “Things hurt, and don’t hurt, and hurt again. ” – Jodi Lynn Anderson

  22. Don’t Hurt Me Quotes
  23. “When I was younger, my feet would hurt a lot, but you build up calluses and strength, and you don’t feel as much pain there. But then again, it’s a give and take. The older you get, you may feel pain in your back or your hips. – Misty Copeland
  24. “But then you’re put back together again, in a wholly different order . . .” “And it hurts so much you don’t know if the new order will work.” “It’ll heal. It has to hurt before it heals, don’t you think?” He – ” Helen Oyeyemi
  25. “Don’t,” Michael said. It was soft, and it was a warning, through and through. “You try to hurt her again and I’ll pull your arm off. ” – Rachel Caine
  26. “I’ve closed my heart down, so many seasons. I didn’t want to hurt again, I didn’t want to try, so I turned myself to ice and stone, said I don’t need anyone, and nobody else would ever make me cry. ” – Beth Nielsen Chapman
  27. “Failure hurts pretty badly. But when you got good people around you they remind you that failure is actually just a lesson. It’s how not to walk so you don’t fall again.” – Pharrell Williams
  28. “I see you try to hurt me bad. Don’t know what you’re up against. Maybe you should reconsider; come up with another plan. Because you know I’m not that kinda girl. I’ll just get back up again. ” – Pink
  29. “Please don’t hurt me again; be the person I need you to be; show me what it means to be in love so I can decide whether that’s what I feel.” –  Jodi Meadows

  30. Don’t Hurt Me Quotes

People who expect from others always got hurt. A wise man once said, “Don’t expect anything from others because it hurts.” I think it’s the most genuine thing and we should understand it as well.

If someone loves or takes care of you and doesn’t get the same thing back, he or she gets hurts. No one should be hurtled in any way especially those who love you and took great care of you.

“I write from my soul. This is the reason that critics don’t hurt me, because it is me. ” – Paulo Coelho

You don’t have to hurt anybody with your deeds, actions, and sayings. You have to spread happiness with all the folks affiliated with you directly or indirectly. Be polite with those who are not of your level or those who are greater than you in designation, status, or age.

These Don’t Hurt Me Quotes help you get to know how people hurt whenever you cheat or do bad stuff. Enjoy reading and sharing these Don’t Hurt Me proverbs and sayings with the people you love.