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48 Most Inspiring and Uplifting Loser Quotes

Loser Quotes – Losing is something that is sometimes very ridiculous, sometimes harsh, sometimes very destructing, sometimes constructive, and sometimes very learning. People derive their kind of meaning from this single word and take it in the same way.

Losing is not a bad thing to have if you ever face it in your life in any aspect. You may get lost in love, sports, fight, or sometimes in life. Losing may be an end of a stance or the beginning, survival, or revival of anything that is up.

You just don’t mess things if you lose in anything mentioned above. A wise man once said that intelligent and brave people are those who learn things from their past and failures.

Here are some awesome quotes that help you seek the positive things in their failures. Stay positive and humble and learn positive things from your mistakes and failures.

48 Loser Quotes for Getting real Motivation in your Failures

  1. Loser Quotes
  2. “How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game, whether you are a winner or a loser.” – Lou Holtz
  3. “I had to be the world’s biggest loser, writing about hair, and stuff about my body. No wonder I stopped keeping a journal. It was like keeping a record of my own stupidity. Why would I want to do that? ” – Benjamin Alire Saenz
  4. “It’s like most anything. If you want to be a loser, there’s always a way to dwell on the negative. If you want to win, there’s always a way to think positively. ” – Tony La Russa
  5. “Every dad who loves his daughter is not going to want her to go with the penniless slacker loser poet bum, when she could go out with someone who’s successful. ” – John Leguizamo
  6. “Law is made by the winner to preserve victory over the loser. ” – Toba Beta
  7. “Winners take imperfect action while losers are still perfecting the plan. ” – Tony Robbins
  8. “Want to be happy? Don’t live competitively. Be content who you are. Live at peace with yourself and the losers below you. ” – Dana Gould
  9. “In tennis, at the end of the day you’re a winner or a loser. You know exactly where you stand … I don’t need that anymore. I don’t need my happiness, my well-being, to be based on winning and losing.” – Chris Evert
  10. “Even the losers get lucky sometimes!” – Tom Petty
  11. “Second place is the first loser.” – Dennis Anderson
  12. “So when they win, it’s their hard work And when they lose, it’s their bad luck.” – Sanhita Baruah
  13. “When I saw contestants fighting for their lives on ‘The Biggest Loser,’ I realized I just wanted to be healthy – to have fun playing soccer with my son or teaching my daughter to shoot hoops. Then it was so much easier to say no to carbs, soda, or dessert, and the weight just came off. ” – Alison Sweeney
  14. “I am a total loser, in every aspect of my life. I rarely go out”. – Sean Hannity

  15. Loser Quotes
  16. “Life is short and a man should take pride in his work, even if his work makes him feel like a total loser” – Tiffanie DeBartolo
  17. “Failing one time – or even several times – doesn’t make you a failure any more than losing one game makes you a loser.” – Frank Sonnenberg
  18. “He was the loser Indian father of a loser Indian son living in a world built for winners”. – Sherman Alexie
  19. “I may be a loser, but hey, at least I’m a loser who can do magic, right? -” Rachel Hawkins
  20. “It is a war of light vs. darkness, of Christ vs. antichrist, the Word of God vs. secular humanism. There will be a winner and a loser!.. There is no compromise with the enemy. There is no neutrality in this war!” – John Hagee
  21. “So I made a request. I said to the writers, I have a minor request that I just want to play a loser.” – Justin Long
  22. “Compared to Clinton, I feel like a loser. I can’t even get the intern to make me coffee!” – David Letterman
  23. “I was a loser, a bad kid, I wasn’t really into anything, and then someone gave me a camera and I found that this was the thing I wanted to do. ” – Steven Klein
  24. “The winner asks, “May I help?” The loser asks, “Do you expect me to do that?” – William Arthur Ward
  25. “People shopping for a messiah want quality. Nobody is going to follow a loser”. – Chuck Palahniuk
  26. “I have a problem with that silver medal. It’s like, ‘Congratulation s, you almost won. Of all the losers, you’re the number one loser. No one lost ahead of you. ” – Jerry Seinfeld
  27. “I am a sore loser. I’ve always been like that ever s’nce I started playin’ sports and just life in general. I hate to lose and I play to win.” – Snoop Dogg
  28. “There’s nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how good you are at it.” – Billie Joe Armstrong
  29. “Without losers, where would the winners be?” – Casey Stengel
  30. “Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.” – Vince Lombardi
  31. “Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep.” – Denis Waitley
  32. “Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.” – Denis Waitley

  33. Loser Quotes
  34. “Some people are born losers; others acquire the knack gradually.” – C. Fields
  35. “To be a good loser is to learn how to win.” – Carl Sandburg
  36. “The cheerful loser is the winner.” – Elbert Hubbard
  37. “A bad day for your ego is a great day for your soul.” – Jillian Michaels
  38. “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser. ” – Socrates
  39. “The cheerful loser is the winner.” – Elbert Hubbard
  40. “A winner makes mistakes. A loser blames others for them.” – Josh Linkner
  41. “Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed.” – Robert Kiyosaki
  42. “Even the losers get lucky sometimes!” – Tom Petty
  43. “If you hang around with losers you become a loser.” – Donald Trump
  44. “The biggest losers are those who care only about winning.” – Lance Armstrong
  45. “Losers fix the blame; winners fix what caused the problem.” – Denis Waitley
  46. “Losers let it happen; winners make it happen!” – Denis Waitley

  47. Loser Quotes

Considering this fact, there are two kinds of people who are alive on this aspect. The first one is those who take it damn seriously, muddle things up, got into a deep depression, get angry, or took very unhealthy or disastrous steps.

The other one is that who always learn plenty of intuitive facts from his/her failures. He always manages to seek all his mistakes and got to positive things.

“The only difference between a winner and a loser is character.” – Nick Dandolos

I consider the second ones are intelligent and got successful in all their aspects of life. These people are true learners because they don’t see their defeat, they just see the facts behind their defeat.

Those who always learn from their mistakes and get to know things, where they are weak, are stronger. So don’t let your esteem down, stay positive, learn from your failures, stay on the right track, and enjoy things in the best possible way without letting your motivation down.