Don’t Pray For An Easy Life


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don't pray for an easy life

don’t pray for an easy life – In times of hardships, it’s natural to wish for good circumstances. In times when life looks too harsh, such feelings overcome your strength. We hope that fate or fortune may become kind to us.

It’s impossible to change the world around us, but we can change ourselves to be as prepared as possible for what it may throw at us.


Picking our hopes and strength to spontaneously coming of favorable conditions towards yourself is nothing but a way towards disappointment. A false hope always leads to misery, discouragement, and finally giving up on your dream.

In all these difficult situations, the best way to tackle them is to accept them and remain courageous. You have to make yourself believe that life has never gone easy on anyone. Everybody faces difficulties in their life.

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Life is supposed to be lived instead of fighting against it. Some people got stuck only to the problematic parts of their life. This negative approach of people toward difficulties makes their life harsh for them as they remain too focused only to see the negative side and never try to tackle their challenges and stay stuck there.

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find great strength.”-Marcus Aurelius

Don’t be self-possessive in the living of your life. If you have made your root, aims, core, and knowledge, then you can face any circumstances of your life without being overwhelmed.

don't pray for an easy life


The right thing to do is neither pray for easy life nor hard. Just try to live your life the best way you can without any guilt. Try to participate fully in your life without judging it or comparing it with others’ life. Develop a solid will to overcome all the difficulties of your life.

“Man conquers the world by conquering himself.” -Zeno of Citium

Today social media has a significant influence on our life. People have started believing in what they see on social media platforms. A fantasy and perfect lifestyle has been presented to us in media to force people to urge for a lifestyle that is impossible to achieve. People started to feel sorry for themselves for not having enough money to afford these luxuries. And they started looking for easy means to accomplish these things.

When you accept that problematic conditions, face enemies, and misfortunes are also part of life and will happen now and then, you will feel more independent and focus on your strengths and qualities to overcome these conditions and become the better version of yourself.

Once you surrender to the thought that bad things happen to good individuals to make them a better one and stop living in the false hope of getting everything better without even trying, you can focus on the positivities and strength of your life in better ways.

“Every circumstance of every man’s life is the result of a definite cause, but mode and control are yours.”

With having the thought of having the option to control the situations and events around us, our center of attention becomes the preparation of our reaction towards these specific events. If our emotional responses are feelings including fear, panic, degradation of values, then there is less chance that our physical response will be peace, control, poise, and composure.

Suppose our response is opposite to the emotions described above, including calmness, composure, control, and a desire to change the circumstances on our own. In that case, we can start with a more emotional grip. So, the same events and situations can create two different reactions in the same human being. It can be explained with the example of boiling water. Same boiling water turns some things into hard material such as egg and on the other hand changes some things into soft material including potatoes. However, the temperature, quantity, and nature of water are the same for both substances. It entirely depends upon our approach towards the difficulties in our life.

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Hardships may appear in our path in the form of an enemy, competitor, even in the form of weather change. Anything can happen in our way to success and can interrupt our plan. But with the awareness of the fact that all these things are supposed to happen and could happen to anybody, we should keep going by trusting our confidence and preparations.

don't pray for an easy life

When fear overcomes, we give up without even trying. We may never want to come out of our comfort zone and start doubting our strength and capabilities. And the next time, it will be even more brutal and challenging to start over.

“It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”-Seneca

Another trait that develops with time is the courage to get out of our comfort zone, start, and see it through. We build our courage by overcoming these difficulties and fears. It is a slow process, and keeping going is the only way out.

When the world brings us down, we remain focused on how unfair life is to us. It’s an indication that we are lacking preparation and perspective. Things happen, but they are not specially designed to torture us or are part of a plan to bring us down. These things are supposed to happen that way.

The pain and the fear we experience with challenging circumstances are only our emotional reactions. We are responsible for our emotional response, so we are also responsible for controlling it the way we want. This change does not come about in a few days, but you have to experience every moment of your life to maintain that response.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive — to breathe, to think, to enjoy, and to love” -Marcus Aurelius

We cannot change the things that are happening in the world. We only have the power to control our emotional reactions to these changes.