15 Best Facundo Cabral Quotes That Will Motivate You


Facundo Cabral Quotes – Facundo Cabral was a songwriter and a singer from Argentina. He was also a philosopher. Facundo Cabral was very well known due to his composition of “No soy de aqui ni soy de alla“.

He improvised the lyrics of this composition in his concerts. The songs of Facundo Cabral are also covered by the interpreters of the Spanish language. He started singing in 1970.


The music of Facundo Cabral is a combination of spiritual and mysticism. He always called for social justice and worked for the victims. Facundo Cabral became popular due to Argentine Radio.

The lyrics of Facundo Cabral have a powerful impact on others. In this article, we have some famous Facundo Cabral quotes. These quotes might inspire and motivate you in life. If you want some motivation in life, then Facundo Cabral might do so.

Most Famous Facundo Cabral Quotes


1.Facundo Cabral Quotes

2.”I’m amazed to form part of this amazing universe.” -Facundo Cabral

3.”I’m proud of the hunger that keeps me awake. Because when man is full he falls asleep.”    -Facundo Cabral


4.”From the cradle to the grave is a school, so if what we call problems are lessons, we see life differently.”   -Facundo Cabral

5.”A bomb makes more noise than a caress.” -Facundo Cabral

6.”Each bomb that destroys, there are millions of caresses that nourish life.” -Facundo Cabral

7.”When man is full he falls asleep.” -Facundo Cabral

8.”Every morning is good news.” -Facundo Cabral

9.” Every child that is born is good news.” -Facundo Cabral 

10.Facundo Cabral Quotes

11.” Every just man is good news.” -Facundo Cabral

12.” Every singer is good news, because every singer is one less soldier.” -Facundo Cabral

13.”May God want for man to be able to be a child again to understand that he is mistaken if he thinks he can find happiness with a checkbook.” -Facundo Cabral

14.”If I am a thief, it’s because of private property.” -Facundo Cabral

15.Facundo Cabral Quotes

This world is very mysterious. The universe is full of many incredible things. Everything presents in this universe has some reason. There is nothing present around us without any reason.

Every person has a hunger to find these mysterious things in the universe. Facundo Cabral saw the world from a different perspective. He always tried to see the reason behind everything.

He felt proud of being in this universe. Facundo Cabral felt happy that the mysterious world kept him awake. He tried to see things differently. If you want some inspiration to see the world differently, then read the quotes of Facundo Cabral. Always try to see the world and find the reason behind everything.

By doing so, you can find the real meaning of this world and the real meaning of your life. You will see the world from a different point of view. Do you like these Facundo Cabral quotes? If yes, then do share it with others as well.