48 Master Splinter Quotes that Leads towards Positivity and Success


Master Splinter Quotes – We all know about the spectacular Ninja Turtles because of their fame and charm. Master Splinter was both the sensei as well as the adoptive father of all four of them.

He has some real gem of capabilities including intelligence, maturity, defensiveness, anger, and a highly trained physical approach in the art of Ninjutsu.


There are loads of capabilities that he has in him and teach them to the turtles to make them succeeded in whatever they do.

He has lived in the shadow for many years and give proper training to all his four sons (Ninja Turtles) and let them do their best with Ninjutsu.


The dad of Ninja Turtles makes them strong enough to face all the problematic and worst situation that the people and world have to offer. Master Splinter knows the art of using ninja weapons and fights with many ninja skins.

48 Inspirational Master Splinter Quotes that bring motivation to the next level

1.Master Splinter Quotes

  1. “Its remarkable what one can do, when one is forced to.” – Master Splinter
  2. “The path that leads to what we truly desire is long and difficult, but only by following that path do we achieve our goal.” – Master Splinter
  3. “A wise person embraces as many new experiences as possible.” when offered a slice of pizza… “The wise person also recognizes that some experiences are less embraceable than others.” – Master Splinter
  4. “There are times when right overrules rules, my son.” – Master Splinter
  5. “I do not wish to fight. But cast a stone into the lake, and the ripples will return to you.” – Master Splinter
  6. “If you look for happiness outside of yourself, you’ll never find it. Happiness exists only within you. – Master Splinter
  7. “Pride in one’s work is an excellent quality, but it most not be carried to excess.” – Master Splinter

  8. Master Splinter Quotes
  9. “I see you have already forgotten your lesson. There is room in this world for all different types of personalities. Some light-hearted, some serious. Think how boring it would be if all of us were identical.” – Master Splinter
  1. “Possess the right thinking. Only then can one receive the gifts of strength, knowledge, and peace.”  – Master Splinter
  2. “Anger clouds the mind. Turned inward, it is an unconquerable enemy.” – Master Splinter
  3. “You are unique among your brothers, for you choose to face this enemy alone. But as you face it, do not forget them, and do not forget me. I am here, my son.” – Master Splinter
  4. “Tonight you have learned the final and greatest truth of the Ninja: that ultimate mastering comes not from the body, but from the mind. Together, there is nothing your four minds cannot accomplish.” – Master Splinter
  5. “Some say that the path from inner turmoil begins with a friendly ear.  My ear is open if you care to use it.” – Master Splinter
  6. “All fathers care for their sons.” – Master Splinter
  7. “Running into battle without knowledge or preparation is foolish. Sometimes it is best to sit still. The answers will come.” – Master Splinter
  8. “Sometimes you must follow your heart even if others tell you not to.” – Master Splinter
  9. “A creative mind must be balanced by a disciplined body. We must learn stillness and alertness. For they are the only defense against the unexpected.” – Master Splinter
  10. “Darkness gives the ninja power, while light reveals the ninja’s presence.” – Master Splinter
  11. “It is not the student place to say when a lesson is learned. The student place is to listen and learn.” – Master Splinter
  12. “Sometimes the past is a mirror in which we can see the reflection of what danger the future holds.” – Master Splinter
  13. “Let your mind become pool of stillness. Break the surface explore the deeps for that is where the true wonders lies.” – Master Splinter
  14. “A wise ninja does not seek out an enemy who he does not fully understand.” – Master Splinter
  15. “The two greatest weapons at the ninja disposal are placement and surprise.” – Master Splinter
  16. “I am hearing answers that raise more questions. A wise strategist gathers all his information before deciding on a course of action.” – Master Splinter
  17. “Each of your brothers has strengths and weaknesses. You must learn to be strong when they are weak. If you don’t learn to recognize this, then all hope is lost for our family.” – Master Splinter
  18. “There are no excuses when you are the leader, my student.” – Master Splinter
  19. “Your own anger defeats you from the inside out.” – Master Splinter

  20. Master Splinter Quotes
  1. “If you think too much about what is coming, you will lose sight of what is. You must be fully in the moment so you can fight without thinking.” – Master Splinter
  2. “You must find the spaces between your thoughts and learn to live there.” – Master Splinter
  3. “No plan ever survives contact with the enemy. It is how you react to the unexpected that will determine if you and your brothers succeed.” – Master Splinter
  4. “The first rule of the Ninja is to do no harm. Unless you mean to do harm, then do LOTS of harm.” – Master Splinter
  5. “After all of this time, I have learned that revenge only leads to more pain.” – Master Splinter
  6. “We choose what holds us back and what moves us forward.” – Master Splinter
  7. “Technology is a means, not and end. It is you who must prevail in battle, not your weapon.” – Master Splinter
  8. “Leadership is not about being appreciated, it is about responsibility. It doesn’t matter that the burden is heavy, It matters that you carry it.” – Master Splinter
  9. “You’re too busy trying to be this unrealistic television captain. Instead you should listen to your mind and heart. Only when you listen to yourself and your brothers will you become the great leader you are destined to be.” – Master Splinter
  1. “There is no monster more dangerous than a lack of compassion.” – Master Splinter
  2. “My meditation grants me serenity but ear plugs don’t hurt either.” – Master Splinter
  3. “Listen closely my sons. Leonardo, be one with the blade. Donatello, instinct over strategy. Raphael, precision. Michelangelo, control.” – Master Splinter
  4.  “You live, you die, you fight… As brothers. Remember, nothing is as strong as family.” – Master Splinter
  1. “My sons, your training is not yet complete. But you will become the warriors that legends are made of.” – Master Splinter
  2. “Anger clouds the mind. Turned inward, it is an unconquerable enemy.” – Master Splinter

Master Splinter Quotes


There are lot more quotes by the master blaster Splinter (the adoptive father and teacher of ninja turtles) that helps not only them but us to lead our lives.

His mental approach, amazing skills, and authentic knowledge carry real heaviness to his wordings. He was a tall and handsome wise sensei, loving father, defensive parent, quirky master, Zen philosopher, and an authentic father figure for all of them.

“There is no monster more dangerous than a lack of compassion.” – Master Splinter

He was damn strict and angry when it comes to the training of the turtles so that they can learn everything in extreme mannerism. Some of its highlighted skills include extreme strength, speed, acrobatics, stamina, and real endurance greater than any athlete.

Master Splinter is the ideal master for all the students who want to learn something with real maturity. You can enjoy reading all these quotes that we bring for you and also implement all those on your lives to take it to the next level.