41 Most Popular Mesa Selimovic Quotes

Mesa Selimovic Quotes – Mesa Selimovic was a writer of Yugoslav. He writes a lot of novels. Mesa Selimovic was born into a prominent family of Muslim. In Yugoslavia, the second world war takes place.

After World War, Mesa Selimovic wrote an essential novel on literary work. The name of this novel is Death and the Dervish. It becomes the most crucial literacy work.

In Death and the Dervish Mesa Selimovic, he works on some main themes. The themes are related to some basic life issues. These main themes include some basic relationships, the relationship between individuality and authority, life and death.

He also works on some other existential problems. Mesa Selimovic inspires many people with his work. His words work as the motivational purpose for others. For you, we have compiled some famous Mesa Selimovic quotes.

Inspirational  Mesa Selimovic Quotes

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2.” Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again.” -Mesa Selimovic 

3.”Love is he only thing in this world that does not hurt.”-Mesa Selimovic 

4.“I was mistaken. Not because he would have hidden anything from me, but because he was a deep and shadowy well, whose bottom could not be seen easily.”-Mesa Selimovic 

5.” And not because he in particular was like that, but because people are like that in general, unfathomable as soon as we get to know them better.”-Mesa Selimovic 

6.“It was autumn, the time for traveling, he had gotten used to it, as storks do.”-Mesa Selimovic 

7.” The swallows had already flown south; soon wild geese would begin honking high above, flying their courses, and he would look into the sky at their formations and imagine the strange pleasures of his wanderings. He was kept from one love by another.”-Mesa Selimovic 

8.“I love words; it doesn’t matter which, it doesn’t matter about what. (I am writing down, at random, things that he said one night, while the kasaba slept in the darkness.)”-Mesa Selimovic 

9.”Conversation is a link between people, maybe the only one. That’s what an old soldier taught me, we were captured together, thrown into a prison together, chained together and bound to the same iron ring on the wall.”-Mesa Selimovic 

10.”No one should be allowed to stop in one place any longer than necessary.”-Mesa Selimovic 

11.” A man isn’t a tree, and being settled in one place is his misfortune.”-Mesa Selimovic 

12.” It saps his courage, breaks his confidence. When a man settles down somewhere, he agrees to any and all of its conditions, even the disagreeable ones, and frightens himself with the uncertainty that awaits him. Change to him seems like abandonment, like a loss of an investment: someone else will occupy his domain, and he’ll have to begin again.”-Mesa Selimovic 

13.”Digging oneself in marks the real beginning of old age, because a man is young as long as he isn’t afraid to make new beginnings. “-Mesa Selimovic 

14.”If he stays in the same place, he has to put up with things, or take action. If he moves on, he keeps his freedom; he’s ready to change places and the conditions imposed on him.”-Mesa Selimovic 

15.“Death is a certainty, an inevitable realization, the only thing that we know will befall us.”-Mesa Selimovic 

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17.” We never move farther away from death, only closer. But if it is a certainty, then why are we surprised when it comes? If this life is a short passage that lasts only an hour or a day, then why do we fight to prolong it one more day or hour? Worldly life is treacherous, eternity is better.”-Mesa Selimovic 

18.“On the day of my death, when they carry my coffin, do not think that I will feel pain for this world.”-Mesa Selimovic 

19.”Do not cry and say: it is a great loss! When milk sours, the loss is greater. I shall not vanish when you see them lay me in the grave. Do the sun and moon vanish when they set?”-Mesa Selimovic 

20.”This seems like a death to you, but it is a birth. The grave seems like a prison to you, but the soul has been freed. What grain does not sprout when it is put into the ground? So why do you not believe in the grain of men?”-Mesa Selimovic 

21.“What is the purpose of piety if there are no temptations to resist? Man is not God, his strength is the ability to restrain his own nature, so I thought, and if he has nothing to restrain, then what are his merits?”-Mesa Selimovic 

22.“Yes, I’ve changed. I used to believe in everything that you do, maybe even more firmly. But then in Smyrna, Talib-effendi said to me: ‘When you see a young man reaching for the sky, grab him by the leg and pull him back down to the ground.’ And he pulled me back down to the ground. ‘You are destined to live here,’ he scolded me. ‘So live here! And live as nicely as you can, but without shame. It is better that God ask you: why did you not do that? rather than: why did you do that?”’-Mesa Selimovic 

23.“And what are you now?”-Mesa Selimovic 

24.“A wanderer on wide roads where I meet good and bad people, who have the same worries and troubles as people do here, who have the same trivial joys as people do everywhere.”-Mesa Selimovic 

25.“What would happen if everyone took your path?”-Mesa Selimovic 

26.“The world would be happier. Maybe.”-Mesa Selimovic 

27.“People easily forget what they’re not proud of.”-Mesa Selimovic 

28.” He destroyed but did not build, saying what was not, but not what was. And denial is convincing; it sets neither boundaries nor goals for itself. It strives toward nothing; it defends nothing. It is harder to defend something than to attack it, because everything that is made reality constantly wears down, constantly deviates from the initial idea.”-Mesa Selimovic 

29. “He examined everything freely, I hesitated in front of many things.”-Mesa Selimovic 

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31.” Such people know a lot, more than those of us who stagger from learned rules to fear of sin, from habits to worries of possible guilt. And although I would never have taken the path of a renegade, not even in my thoughts, I would gladly have listened to his truth. But what was his truth?”-Mesa Selimovic 

32.”No one could take her away from me alive; I held her pinned to the ground in that beastly grip.”-Mesa Selimovic 

33.” The river became silent; the only sound was that of bells within me, unknown and unrung until then, all of my bells, as if they were sounding an alarm.”-Mesa Selimovic 

34.” People would gather around; they did not concern me; they did not exist. Oh, my dream, which has become a victim.”-Mesa Selimovic 

35.“I caught myself feeling that vile need for others to be grateful to us, to show themselves as small and dependent, because that is what creates our favor, nurtures it, and heightens the importance of our deeds and kindness.”-Mesa Selimovic 

36.“And if you’d been healthy and happy, you wouldn’t have come home?”-Mesa Selimovic 

37.“When everything is lost a man seeks refuge, as if he were returning to his mother’s womb.”-Mesa Selimovic 

38.“And after that?” “After that he forgets. He’s driven to it by his restlessness. He wants to be what he was not, or what he was. He runs away from his fortune and looks for another.”-Mesa Selimovic 

39.“At first I followed her deliberately soft voice, which had the timber of a zurna,* and listened to her speech, which resembled embroidery or a string of pearls, words and phrases completely different from those of the townspeople, somewhat withered yet ornate, with the aura of those old chambers and something enduring.”-Mesa Selimovic 

40.”I’m slowly becoming a repository for decomposing sorrows, regrets, ignored injustice, and forgotten promises.”-Mesa Selimovic 

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All of us experience the feeling of love in life. Many people, when not finding the true soul mate they think love hurts. But this is not true. Love never hurts. Other things that are behind this love hurts.

Like loneliness, the feeling of rejection and waiting for someone. Many people mix these feelings with the feeling of love. But only love makes everything special in life. Love covers all the pain and fills every wound.

“The listener is the midwife in the difficult birth of the word.”-Mesa Selimovic 

With the help of love, you can make someone feel special in their life. Actually, the only thing in this world that is not hurt is love. Mesa Selimovic helps many people in their life with the help of his words.

By reading the quotes of Mesa Selimovic, you might get inspiration in life. The inspiration to see the real meaning of life and love. You might get the motivation to enjoy life and see positivity around you.