58 Motivational Nick Vujicic Quotes About Life, Love, and Success

Nick Vujicic Quotes – Nick Vujicic (born on 4 December 1982) is a person with an ultimate speaker that helps you get real motivation and inspiration regarding your life, love, education, and so much more. Nick Vujicic is an American-Australian Christian motivational speaker and evangelist born with a serious disorder.

He was born in Tetra-Amelia Syndrome that is a rare disorder characterized by the absence of legs as well as arms. Despite his ineligibility, his mental capabilities and enthusiasm are that high that he conquers the world of motivation and puts a light in the darkness.

This amazing person was born in Melbourne in 1982 without fully formed limbs. You don’t believe that his mother refused to see or even hold him when the nurse held him in front of her. You can even imagine that she along with his husband went out of the hospital and vomited after seeing his sons without hands or legs.

58 Inspirational Nick Vujicic Quotes on Success

  1. Nick Vujicic Quotes
  2. Risk, then, is not just part of life. It is life. The place between your comfort zone and your dream is where life takes place.
  3. Having faith, beliefs, and convictions is a great thing, but your life is measured by the actions you take based upon them.
  4. I never met a bitter person who was thankful. Or a thankful person who was bitter
  5. If you can’t get a miracle, become one.
  6. Love does not care about what you can or cannot do, who you are and who you cannot be. True love looks straight into your heart!
  7. For every disability you have, you are blessed with more than enough abilities to overcome your challenges.
  8. It’s a lie to think you’re not good enough. It’s a lie to think you’re not worth anything.
  9. The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph.
  10. Adjustments are necessary along the way because life isn’t always rosy, but it is always worth living.
  11. Fear is the biggest disability of all. And will paralyze you more than being in a wheelchair.
  12. Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn creates unanticipated opportunities.
  13. We may have absolutely no control over what happens to us, but we can control how we respond. If we choose the right attitude, we can rise above whatever challenges we face.
  14. We can’t, and we should not, compare sufferings. We come together as a family of God, hand in hand.
  15. I believe if God doesn’t give you a miracle, you are a miracle of God for somebody else’s salvation.
  16. The human spirit can handle much worse than we realize. It matters HOW you are going to FINISH. Are you going to finish strong?
  17. I encourage you to accept that you may not be able to see a path right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  18. Nick Vujicic Quotes
  19. God’s love is so real that He created you to prove it.
  20. FAITH: Full Assurance in The Heart.
  21. Some injuries heal more quickly if you keep moving.
  22. I was never crippled until I lost hope.
  23. When faced with any difficulty, try to find the pure joy that’s contained there.
  24. If you need a friend, become someone else’s.
  25. If you don’t have hope, give hopeto others.
  26. As long as you are aware and in control of your emotions, negative thoughts can produce positive consequences.
  27. We all can find something bad or imperfect in each other. But I prefer to look for grains of gold.
  28. I have the choice to be angry at God for what I don’t have, or be thankful for what I do have.
  29. Attaining the perfect appearance doesn’t mean anything if your soul is broken.
  30. God gave you just one mouth but He gave you two ears, so you should listen twice as much as you speak.
  31. I don’t want to be someone’s reason to hate their life. I want to be someone’s reason to seek something more in their life.
  32. You do not have to dreamup ambitious projects in order to sow good seeds. Even small things can mean a lot to someone.
  33. If you’re not ready to accept yourself, then you’re even less ready to accept other people.
  34. If you are having a bad day, make someone else’s day. If your feelings are hurt, heal those of another.
  35. But there is one thing better than going to Heaven and that is to encourage at least one other person to go with me.
  36. One of the greatest joys in this life is the feeling you get when you realise you’re a part of something larger than your own life and personal experiences.
  37. Life can be good, if we decide that it is.
  38. Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

  39. Act in a such a way as to guarantee that your own actions inspire and empower you.
  40. In life you have a choice: Bitter or Better? Choose better, forget bitter.
  41. If no one opens, knock on several doors at once.
  42. Sometimes you may feel like you are just about to realize your goal only to fall short.
  43. That is no reason to quit.
  44. Defeat happens only to those who refuse to try again.
  45. The challenges in our lives are there to STRENGTHEN our CONVICTIONS. They are NOT there to run us over.
  46. You should never live according to what you lack.Life without limbs? Or life without limits?
  47. Fear is often described as False Evidence Appearing Real.
  48. Trade the life of self pity, that I was living, for a life of purpose!
  49. The greatest rewards come when you give of yourself. It’s about bettering the lives of others, being part of something bigger than yourself, and making a positive difference.
  50. You may not have a clue of what lies ahead, but it’s better to act on life than simply let life act on you.
  51. Those who think of themselves as losers are the ones who don’t understand how close to success they were when they gave up.
  52. Another day – another opportunity!
  53. There are no short and easy paths to a long and lasting happiness.
  54. If a man without arms and legs is dreaming big why can’t we, why can’t we all?
  55. You can either be angry for what you don’t have or thankful for what you do have.
  56. Do your best and God will do the rest.

This great man becomes the World-renowned motivator and speaker, New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and coach. Nick faced tremendous obstacles in life from living life without arms and legs to being bullied at school, getting symphony for what he doesn’t have, and fearful for his future with no purpose in sight.

It’s a lie to think you’re not good enough. It’s a lie to think you’re not worth anything.

So just read these awesome quotes and enjoy a journey with Nick Vujicic and be inspired. You can also visit his official website and get your inspirational videos straight to him every week.

Nick being a husband to his beautiful wife and a father of four kids, his passion is to motivate and inspire people with disabilities, less motivation and equip the entire globe to know that we all can rise and fly in the sky. You can not only get motivated from his quotes but also get inspired by his life story and learn loads of amazing facts about life.