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A rampage of appreciation is one of the processes Abraham Hicks teaches us in their book Ask and It Is Given.  As the title of the book suggests, the point Abraham Hicks emphasise in this book is that when we ask for something, the Universe always answers. The reason we often do not get to receive what we have asked for is because in our yearning for what we desire, we simultaneously focus on the lack of it.

When we are focused on the lack of something, we will keep manifesting a reality that confirms that lack. This is the Law of Attraction which is the basis of Abraham Hicks’ teachings.


In an effort to help us to release any resistance we may be feeling towards our desires, Abraham Hicks is offering us 22 Processes in Ask And It Is Given. The rampage of appreciation is one of the processes being offered. I aim to share more of the processes from the book because it is truly a great book.

Doctor Wayne Dyer who wrote the foreword to this book, says, “The book you’re holding in your hands at this moment contains some of the most powerful teachings available to you on our planet today. I’ve been profoundly touched and influenced by the messages that Abraham , offers here in this book, and through the tapes that Esther and Jerry have been providing over the past 18 years. In fact, I’m deeply honored that Abraham has asked me to provide a brief Foreword to this book, which I consider to be a publishing milestone.


Anyway, I will delve deeper into the book in another post, for now may we revert back to the rampage of appreciation.


What is the Rampage of Appreciation?

Abraham Hicks says, “Begin by looking around your immediate environment and gently noticing something that pleases you. Try to hold your attention on this pleasing object as you consider how wonderful, beautiful, or useful it is. And as you focus upon it longer, your positive feelings about it will increase.


If you can do the rampage of appreciation in writing even better but it can be done by head. Abraham say, “Make it your objective to choose objects of attention that easily evoke your appreciation, for this is not a process of finding something troubling and fixing it; this is a process of practicing the higher vibrations.

So the rampage of appreciation is a process in which we find things to appreciate and we milk them so to speak. Instead of letting our mind wonder into negativity by default, we deliberately train ourselves into positive thinking by finding things that are pleasing to us and appreciating them. However, we must find things that we genuinely appreciate.

It could be a beatuiful tree, the skies, the comfortable chair you are sitting on, the mobile device you are using etc. Isn’t it wonderful that over the years, Abraham Hicks has done several rampages of appreciation that are available on YouTube. Now, we can just tune into them and raise our vibration. This is exactly what the video below is about.

If you are looking to raise your vibration, then watch the rampage of appreciation video below.


How does the rampage of appreciation help us in making our desire a reality?

Well, Abraham answers this nicely. They say, “The more you find something to appreciate, the better it feels; the better it feels, the more you want to do it; the more you do it, the better it feels; the better it feels… the more you want to do it. The Law of Attraction assists with the powerful momentum of these positive thoughts and feelings until, with very little time and effort, you will find your heart singing in your joyous alignment with who you really are.  And in this wonderful-feeling vibration where no resistance exists, you will be in an exaggerated state ofallowing; you will be in the vibrational state where the things that you desire can flow easily into your experience. The better it gets, the better it gets!

Now these ready made videos make it easy for anyone anytime to practise the rampage of appreciation. So whenever you feel that negativity creeping in or the thought of yur desire overwhelming, it is worth tuning into the the rampage of appreciation video and turn the direction of your thoughts towards a positive mindset.

Zig Zaglar says, “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.

Big thanks to all those who compile them and find just the right background music to use. I hope you have found relief in the video above.  Another process I recommend is affirmations and I have a wealth affimations video that you can look at as well. Remember to share the inspiration, it is definitely a gift worth giving to someone!