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If you have ever come across Raymond Charles Barker’s books you will understand why I am so honored to have him on this blog. Barker’s books are very inspirational and he was a hardworking writer who left us with a huge legacy.

Raymond Charles Barker Books

During his lifetime, Barker published well over 20 self help books. His writing is all about enhancing our lives. Looking at the titles, for example How to be Healthy, Wealthy and Happy, it is clear that Barker wanted for us to live fulfilled lives.

  • Money is God in Action
  • Treatment: What It Is and How to Do It
  • Spirit, Soul, and Body
  • God, Mind, and Man
  • You Can
  • Love Is Not Enough
  • How to Change Other People
  • The Science of Forgiveness
  • You Can Be Healthy Today
  • The Cause and Cure of the Common Cold
  • How to Be Healthy, Wealthy, Happy (formerly Collected Essays of Raymond Charles Barker; includes all the above titles)
  • Treat Yourself to Life (1954)
  • The Science of Successful Living (1957)
  • The Power of Decision (1968)
  • You Are Invisible (1973)
  • Spiritual Healing for Today (1988)
  • Collected Wisdom of Raymond Charles Barker (1994)
  • Barkerisms (n.d.)
  • The Conquest of Frustration (with Maxwell Maltz; 1969)
  • Richer Living (with Ernest Holmes; 1953)

But who was Raymond Charles Barker? Barker was a New Thought author and leader of the Religious Science Church. He was born in 1911 to parents who were already deeply involved in the Unity church. He therefore was exposed to new thought ideas from an early age. He was an actie member of the church and he continued his work into adultwood. In 1940 he was ordained by Charles Fillmore.

Years later, he would establish the First Church of Religious Science in Manhattan. The church drew in large audiences and some of Barker’s students were the very heart warming Louise Hay. Barker also worked closely with Ernest Holmes with whom he collaborated with in the book Richer Living.


On January 6 1988, Barker passed away. However his work lives on and we can induldge ourselves in some of Raymond Charles Barker quotes below.

Raymond Charles Barker Quotes


  1. “Your life becomes the thing you have decided it shall be.” ― Raymond Charles Barker
  2. “You are in God. God is in you. There is no separation, there never was and there never will be.”― Raymond Charles Barker
  3. “You can have what you want, but you have to think what you want, and you have to think of it as already being so. This is the science that Jesus exemplified.”― Raymond Charles Barker
  4. “Your thought is creative, because as you think the Creative Mind thinks as you” ― Raymond Charles Barker
  5. “I dare you to think in great terms. I challenge you to dream a great dream. Nothing is impossible to those who decide upon possibility.”― Raymond Charles Barker
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  7. “Where your thinking goes, your affairs follow.”- Raymond Charles Barker 
  8. “Thought controlled is experience determined. Life requires of us disciplined thinking, if we are to become the full expressions of God’s plan.”― Raymond Charles Barker
  9. “God operates in each us as us . We determine our own destinies.”― Raymond Charles Barker,
  10. “There is a Power in me, acting through me, and acting for me which causes me to accomplish what I want.”-Raymond Charles Barker
  11. “You have handled things to the best of your ability. That is all that Life requires of anyone.”
  12. “It is God’s money, I let it flow in, I let it flow out. As I release it, I know that it comes back to me, pressed down, shaken together and running over. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”
  13. “Image of God present in all creation and in all people , and is always available to assist in our positive personal evolution, and the positive evolution of society.”
  14. “The forward look and the upward reach is the sign of spiritual unfoldment.”- Raymond Charles Barker
  15. “The world opinion will say you can’t, but the indwelling God whispers your capability. Like Paul you can say “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.”
  16. “Any wrong decision you have ever made will become unimportant when your attention is shifted from it to a creative reason for living right here and now.”― Raymond Charles Barker
  17. “Troubles result when an unintelligent factor is introduced into a field of intelligent activity. Worry is an unintelligent factor, as are fear, hate, and resentment.”
    ― Raymond Charles Barker,
  18. “The framework of your preconceived opinions is the only limitation to your begetting.”-Raymond Charles Barker
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  20. “Fixing your attention on a positive goal causes Life to back you up with all its processes and you realize that the universe is for you and never against you.” ― Raymond Charles Barker,
  21. “Your great desires lead you ahead. Your thinking follows your desires, and where your thinking goes, you go.”
  22. “Everything is for us and nothing is opposed to our heart’s desires. The abundant life promised of old is as near as your positive thinking.”― Raymond Charles Barker
  23. “You give to others only what you are.”― Raymond Charles Barker
  24. “Religious Science’s version of affirmative prayer is known as spiritual mind treatment.
  25. “Your only tools in life are your mind and emotions.”

These quotes show us that Barker was a man whose beliefs echo the Law of Attraction. He wrote, “Your only tools in life are your mind and emotions.” So our thoughts alone have the power of creating the life we either want or do not want. He is a man who did not want us to live in the past or focus negatively because as he said, our life will follow our thinking is going. In fact, from that quote it would appear that Abraham Hicks echo the same message.


May Barker’s words give you the wisdom and confidence you need to tackle whatever hurdles you may be facing. We must fix our attention on the positives and have deep trust in the process that our desires will be supported. 

Thank you for stopping by, please share the inspiration, you may just change someone’s life for the better!