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Sandra Kring Quotes – Sandra Kring lives in Wisconsin. In this busy life, many adults suffer from trauma. Sandra Kring does a lot of hard work for the survivors of the adults that suffer from trauma. For this purpose, she runs many workshops and support groups.

Sandra Kring also writes a lot of novels in her life. She wrote the first novel with the name of carrying Me Home. Sandra Kring also writes another book with the name of The Book of Bright Ideas.

She became very famous with these two books. After this, Sandra Kring writes a lot of other books and novels. With her books, she inspires many people in their life.

By reading the quotes of Sandra Kring, you might get inspiration in life. You might get the motivation to see life and live it from a different point of view.

Inspiring Sandra Kring Quotes

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2.“When the weather’s bad and your lights go out, have a pajama party. Eat till you feel sick, hula-hoop, paint your faces.”-Sandra Kring

3.” Catch fireflies, and dance naked in the rain. If you do, then your bare butt will light up like a firefly after it’s been let out of a jar.”-Sandra Kring

4.“It seems to me that after someone sweeps across your life like a red-hot flame, peeling back the shutters that sat over your heart and your mind and setting free your sweetest dreams or your worst nightmares, after things cool down you’ve got two choices.”-Sandra Kring

5.” You can either slip back into your old self, your old life, tucking those things you were too scared to look at back into hiding, or you can keep those parts of yourself out until you get so used to them that they don’t scare you anymore and they just become a part of who you are.”-Sandra Kring

6.“It’s not the length of time we knew someone that makes them so special. It’s what they brought into our lives.”-Sandra Kring

7.“The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, struggle to reach the light.”-Sandra Kring

8.“… I’ve always said that we have to go on thinking anything’s possible. Or else what’s the point?”-Sandra Kring

9.“Sometimes we need to go home to find the parts of ourselves we left behind before we can truly become whole.”-Sandra Kring

10.“Let someone love you just as you are. As flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you might feel, as unaccomplished as you might think you are, let someone love you just as you are. And let that someone be YOU!”-Sandra Kring

11.” Yet still she stands upright with dignity, knowing that she endures, and still she dances with the wind.”-Sandra Kring

12.“I was standing in that place they call “bittersweet.” That place that, if you could find it on a map, would be the mountain that sits between happy and sad.”-Sandra Kring

13.” And I thought about how when you stand on that mountain, you can almost feel God’s hand on your head and you just know, deep down inside, that even if you dno’t understand everything that happened to cause those mixed feelings, you still know there was a good reason for them happening.”-Sandra Kring

14.“What does any of it matter in the end but who we loved and how we loved them.”-Sandra Kring

15.“Just as we don’t move without first sorting through what we’ve gathered through the years, throwing away what is broken and can’t be fixed, and what no longer fits, so too, should we do the same with what we’ve mentally gathered, before we move on.”-Sandra Kring

16.” So let us do our sorting, throwing away regrets and old hurts, and taking for our journey only the treasures worth keeping: The lessons, the love, the best of what we’ve lived.”-Sandra Kring

17.“If you ever don’t know which direction to go in, or you start moving in the right direction but then get lost along the way, don’t get rattled and start moving fast, this way and that. Instead, stand still and be quiet. Then you’ll be showed which way to go.”-Sandra Kring

18.“See them little scales there, how they’re closed up tight like window shutters? Underneath ’em are the seeds – flat little things, flimsy as a baby’s figernails – with a point at one end.” If a fire comes along, the heat is gonna cause those scales to peel back and drop their seeds, while the ground is still scorching hot. Then that tiny seed is gonna burrow in and take root.” I was nine years old the summer Freeda and Winnalee Malone rushed across our lives like red-hot flames, peeling back the shutters that sat over our hearts and our minds, setting free our sweetest dreams and our worst nightmares.”-Sandra Kring

19.“And on bad days when you feel like you’re stuck on a rock in the middle of nowhere, with no earth beneath you to sink your roots in, and no breeze to push your life forward, reach out to all those who ever gave you love, and believe with the faith of a child.”-Sandra Kring

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21.“So there that poor little stick is, caught up in a swirlin’ eddy, spinnin’ and spinnin’ until it’s sure it’s gonna be stuck in that one spot forever. But then a most amazing thing happens.”-Sandra Kring

22.” For no reason that anyone can really be sure of, the water spits that little stick right out of that stuck place and off it goes, floatin’ on down the river to find new adventures.”-Sandra Kring

23.“Right now you’re swirlin’ in a sad eddy, but you ain’t gonna stay stuck in that place forever. Sooner of later, somethin’s gonna happen to spit you out of it.”-Sandra Kring

24.“I think, though, that another shame of war is that when it’s over, a soldier don’t get to leave it behind where he fought it. He’s gotta carry it right back home with him, in his head, and in his heart.”-Sandra Kring

25.“Lucky ain’t a puppy no more and he don’t bark for just any old reason. It takes a mailman, a squirrel, a car, a bird, a blowing leaf, or a tumbling scrap of paper to get him stirred up now.”-Sandra Kring

26.“You can’t judge a person by what they’re doing, till you know why they’re doing it.”-Sandra Kring

27.“But when your life is broken, you’ll let that misery roll by for years, and ignore the side of you that isn’t finished.”-Sandra Kring

28.“A guy could starve to death when his brother don’t come home.”-Sandra Kring

29“There’s nothing short of reincarnation that can change poor white trash into something respectable.”-Sandra Kring

30.“I wouldn’t have made it back if it weren’t for you, Earwig. I just kept telling myself, every day, every hour, that I had to live through it to come home for you.”-Sandra Kring

31.“Well, Earwig, there’s not much about love that does make sense.”-Sandra Kring

32.“Living with regrets over what we did, or didn’t do, is a heavy burden to carry,”-Sandra Kring

33.“I hope the only blue you ever have in your life is the blue in your eyes. But if those sad times come—which they’re bound to—you remember to keep a song in your heart.”-Sandra Kring

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In this busy life, we all want to have a friend, a best friend that supports us in every part of life. Many times we find a loyal and best friend. The friend that always remains with us no matter what the situation is.

But many times, it becomes difficult to find a loyal friend. The friend that truly supports you.  If you do not find a best friend, then you do not need to worry. Every person has a best friend inside them.

“Making music when you’re happy, it got the power to heal others. But making music when you’re sad, it got the power to heal you.”Sandra Kring

It depends on who you see all these in yourself. Always keep yourself at first and try to be your own best friend. Sandra Kring helps others through her novels and books.

By reading the quotes of Sandra Kring, you might get the motivation. The inspiration for finding a best friend in yourself and listening to your inner thoughts.