Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened

Everything in life, including life itself, must come to an end when we die, and our time on this planet is limited. Instead of being sad and regretful when something comes to an end, we should be grateful that we had the opportunity to experience it in the first place. We may either experience a feeling of loss because something has come to an end, or we can grin because we had the opportunity to live in the present while it was happening.

When something ends, it’s vital to be optimistic and consider how your life has been enhanced due to the event. You become the person you are as a result of both positive and negative life events. Every ending is a new beginning. Therefore, even the end may be joyous. It offers fresh possibilities and chances that might have otherwise gone unnoticed life is a journey that continues to unfold. Staying in the past or feeling regret because something has come to an end will only hold you back from achieving the happiness you deserve. Be thankful for the connection or experience, even if it did not end out the way you had hoped since you gained valuable lessons as a result.

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful”

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Those nine words are full of wisdom. They apply to a variety of areas of life, but I’d want to concentrate on relationships. Marriages, partners, friends, relatives, and other types of relationships will all end at some time in our lives for the majority of us. It hurts when people leave or die. Following are some situations where you should implement this quote.

Stuck in a Feeling or Emotion

Many individuals get the impression that “it is over.” However, remembering the positive and feeling appreciative is the route out of the agony. The emotion of appreciation will open a door in your heart, allowing the feeling of love to enter.

When a person meditates on every aspect of the ending, the grief persists, and it might even worsen over time. The most pleasing thing you can do is be grateful. Make a list of the things you love about being with this individual. Sending the list to the person (if they are still living) may be highly therapeutic. You’re transitioning the relationship thoughtfully and lovingly this way.


Smile Because It Happened

This is something that many people have heard after a relationship ends and someone is ruminating on the past. When you spend time with someone you care about, you create many memories that are difficult to forget if the relationship ends abruptly. You miss the person so intensely that recalling all of your shared experiences may ache your heart. You will meet individuals and say farewell to them throughout your life. Some people aren’t intended to remain. There’s a reason you and your significant other didn’t end up together. There’s a reason behind everything. So, grin when you recall all of these experiences because they happened. You were able to share these experiences with someone you cared about. This individual aided you in your quest for self-discovery and growth. You might not be who you are now if it weren’t for them.

“The most fabulous self is a peaceful smile that always sees the world smiling back”


Smile Because It Happened

The terrible truth of life is that decent people die young, and good people die far too soon. Many children will experience the untimely death of a loved one. Some people will go through the seven stages of grieving, while others will not. Every day, you miss that person with all your heart. It would help if you accepted the harsh fact that they would never be physically present with you again. But, once again, you have the option of crying about it or smiling since you had them for so long. Usually, some days are more complex than others, but it’s easier to fight through the agony when you’re smiling rather than sobbing.

We have an option in each instance. We may lament that they are no longer with us, or we can smile as we recall the happy moments we shared. This, in my opinion, also applies to those who have passed on in our life. You have the option of remembering the loss’s sorrow or the joy of the good moments.

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”


Smile Because It Happened

Growing up is a terrifying experience for everyone. Change and moving outside of one’s comfort zone are feared by many people, some more than others. “Being a kid” has to come to an end at some time in your life. Most of the time, it occurs after a person graduates from college and is forced to enter the real world. Don’t be sad that your childhood is ended; instead, be grateful for the people who loved you and helped you get to where you are now. You would not be prepared for everything life has to offer if it weren’t for your family, instructors, and friends encouraging you to be the best you can be. Take your first steps into the real world with a grin on your face, happy that you’ve prepared.

Why is it necessary to concentrate on the good times?

As humans, we tend to obtain what we concentrate on. We will most likely receive some additional money if we spend most of our time thinking about money and how to earn it. If we focus on money and take it, we will almost certainly end ourselves in prison. If we focus on chocolate, we will almost certainly have intense desires that must be met.

When we think about someone or something that isn’t there anymore, whether it’s a person, an event, or anything else, we have the option of remembering that they/it isn’t here anymore and being sad or remembering the good times and being joyful. While it may not be an easy decision, it is one that only you have the power to make.