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Optimus Prime Quotes – Optimus Prime was one of the most familiar characters in the movie Transformers. He was among the main transformer character of this movie. This character got fame not only among the kids but also among the adults equally.

Optimus Prime is a transforming robot that is most fascinated by children. In the movie, Optimus Prime leads the others and saves the city from invaders.


Optimus Prime perfectly portraits the picture of a perfect leader. He is not just a robot but more than that. In this transformer’s movie, there are a lot of famous quotes about love and great belief.

We have compiled the famous quotes for you. These quotes will help you to get leadership lessons and a lot of prime wisdom.

51 Optimus Prime That Apply to All Humans


1-Optimus Prime Quotes

2-“We must not stoop to their level. Megatron will not defeat us this easily.” Optimus Prime

3-“Thank you, all of you. You honor us with your bravery.”– Optimus Prime


4-“You are going to face justice, and may it be kinder to you than it was to us.”– Optimus Prime

5-“We can’t transform, but we’re not helpless. Autobots, roll for it.”– Optimus Prime

6-“Are you going to let it all happen again for something as useless as revenge?!”– Optimus Prime

7-“We cannot let the humans pay for our mistakes.”– Optimus Prime

8-“As long as power flows through any of my circuits Megatron, I’ll fight you.”– Optimus Prime

9-“We lost a great comrade, but gained new ones.” – Optimus Prime

10-“Defend this family Autobots, as they have you, defend, all they can be.”– Optimus Prime

11-“I am but a soldier, Megatron. And you are a prisoner of your own twisted delusions!”– Optimus Prime

12-“Like us, there’s more to them than meets the eye.”– Optimus Prime

13-“I may not have a weapon, but I can still transform and roll.”– Optimus Prime

14-“You didn’t betray me. You betrayed yourself.”– Optimus Prime

15-“Today, in the name of freedom, we take the battle to them.” – Optimus Prime

16-“Our races united by a history long forgotten, and a future we shall face together.” – Optimus Prime

17-“We’ve suffered losses, but we’ve not lost the war.”– Optimus Prime

18-“Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.”– Optimus Prime

19-“Without a means of leaving this world, we Autobots take strength in the bonds we have forged with our three young friends – true warriors. If not in body, then in spirit. My name is Optimus Prime, and I send this message. Though we did not choose to be of Earth, it would seem that we are here to stay. If you approach this planet with hostile intent, know this: We will defend ourselves. We will defend humanity. We will defend… our home.”Optimus Prime

20-Optimus Prime Quotes

21-“Your volume, like any capability, is also a responsibility.” – Optimus Prime

22-“There’s more to them than meets the eye.”– Optimus Prime

23-“Until I return I’m leaving you in command. I know you won’t let me down.”– Optimus Prime

24-“One shall stand, one shall fall.”– Optimus Prime

25“Do not forget what you have learned of our past, Rodimus. From its lessons, the future is forged.” – Optimus Prime

26-“Neither impossible nor impassable!”– Optimus Prime

27-“Sometimes even the wisest of men and machines can be in error.”– Optimus Prime

28-“I will accept this burden with all that I am!”– Optimus Prime

29-“Autobots, we’re going to prove who we are, and why we’re here!”– Optimus Prime

30-“I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message so that our pasts will always be remembered. For in those memories, we live on.”– Optimus Prime

31-“While this may very well mark the end of the Age of Primes, leadership can be earned, with or without the Matrix. And in my view, you have each acted as a Prime.”

32-“Freedom is your right. If you make that request we will honor it.”– Optimus Prime

33-“Give them personalities worthy of him who created me. Let them think for themselves, to grow in knowledge and wisdom. And let them always value freedom and life wherever they find it.”– Optimus Prime

34-“This universe, no matter how vast will never be big enough for you and I to coexist.”– Optimus Prime

35-“Whatever lies beyond that portal is our best and last hope my friend.”– Optimus Prime

36-“There remains a price on my head, I endanger you all if I stay. I shall take it, where it can never be found. Cade Yeager, I do not know, but whenever you look to the stars, think as one of them as my soul.”– Optimus Prime

37-“There are mysteries to the universe we were never meant to solve, but who we are and why we are here are not among them. Those answers we carry inside. I am Optimus Prime, and this message is to my Creators. Leave planet Earth alone. ‘Cause I’m coming…for you.”– Optimus Prime

38- “Until that day…’til all are one…”– Optimus Prime

39-“Vector Sigma, give these machines personality worthy of him who created me, let them think for themselves, to grow in knowledge and wisdom. And let them always value freedom and life wherever they find it.”Optimus Prime


41-“Bumblebee is correct, we simply assisted the Rescue Bots, thanks to you they have become an outstanding team, one it has been an honor to serve with.”– Optimus Prime

42-“I will accept the burden with all that I am.”– Optimus Prime

43-“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”– Optimus Prime

44-“I don’t have to tell you what’s ahead of us. They have to be stopped and we’re the only ones who can do it.” – Optimus Prime

45-“Negative. Any action we take now would be viewed as for admission of our guilt.”– Optimus Prime

46-“Were we so different, they are a young species, they have much to learn. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, you all know there is only one way to end this war. We must destroy the cube, if all else fails, I will unite it with the spark in my chest.”– Optimus Prime

47-“Save the war stories, hotshot. Just remember, there’s a thin line between being a hero, and being a memory.”– Optimus Prime

48-“Even if you defeat me, Megatron. Others will rise to defeat your tyranny.”– Optimus Prime

49-“After eons of conflict, I finally see the truth of your words, Megatron.”– Optimus Prime

50-“There’s a thin line between being a hero and being a memory.”– Optimus Prime

51-Optimus Prime Quotes

It is tough to fight in difficult situations and make the right decisions. By fighting with the evils and enemies, Optimus has to make strong decisions. He teaches others how to stand and manage difficult times.

Optimus Prime has high values in the form of dialogues and guides his team. He behaves as a great leader, listens to all the fellows, and thinks a lot. He is the inspiration for others and makes the character live in the movie.

“This is our home Megatron! We will stay! We will fight! And we WILL win!”– Optimus Prime

Optimus provides others with a real personality. These best quotes from Optimus Prime will surely inspire you. He teaches others not to leave the fight.

With the helping of reading these quotes, you will learn how to make the right decisions in difficult times. It is easier to step back at challenging times, but it is very difficult to stay and fight. If you like these Optimus prime quotes, then do let us know via your comments.

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