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Dom Kennedy Quotes – Dom Kennedy is the rapper of America. He is from Los Angeles. The real name of Dom Kennedy is Dominic Ross Hunn. Dom Kennedy is the stage name of Dominic.

Dom Kennedy does a lot of work to achieve his goals. He released 5 mixtapes independently till 2008. In 2010 his tape Westside With Love became famous. After the success of this tape, his first commercial studio album was released.


In June 2011, this studio album was released on iTunes. The name of this album was “Westside With Love II.” The songs of Dom Kennedy become so much famous in the hip-hop music industry.

In his songs, he inspires a lot of people. For you, we have compiled some famous Dom Kennedy Quotes. These quotes will motivate you to work hard for your dream, as Dom Kennedy did.

Dom Kennedy Quotes That Will Inspire You

  1. Dom Kennedy Quotes
  2. “Keep going don’t worry about results. If you love it why does it matter?”-Dom Kennedy
  3. “It’s hard for me to feel bad for myself because I’m doing what I love to do. I’m in a good position.”-Dom Kennedy
  4. “I can read your body language like a conversation.”-Dom Kennedy
  5. “I grew up always admiring business owners. I was always interested in knowing who pulled what strings. I’ve always been in love with the decision making process, not just the product.”-Dom Kennedy
  6. “I can’t compare my life growing up in Leimert Park to someone in Imperial Village Projects; we don’t have the same options and I understand that. You do what you do based on survival and instincts. If I know something, I try to share it and give that opportunity and enlightenment to whomever I’m around, some people might not want to hear it but once you know something, you have the option to do better.”-Dom Kennedy
  7. “Having a son had an immediate impact on me, that’s when I started taking my business, my time and having something to show for myself seriously. My time has to be compensated. People may call me materialistic or whatever but if I spend 20 hours away from my son, if I don’t bring anything home, then what was I doing with my time? It’s simple, it’s my son and then everything else.”-Dom Kennedy
  8. “I’m not really the give TVs or turkeys kind of guy. I feel like we can do more good by inspiring people wholeheartedly and truthfully than we can just by giving them something because that creates a cycle of expecting you to give them something.”-Dom Kennedy
  9. “My thing is when people say Dom Kennedy’s music reminds them of L.A., I wanna do that 100 percent because at the end of the day that’s all I am.”-Dom Kennedy
  10. “I’m not playing up to pretend, I don’t live above my means. In my song “96 Cris” I say, “…My bills too low for me to fall off.” Honestly, if I never did anything again with music, because I put out my own music, I could pay my bills, forever. I can pay my mortgage off my old music. Of course, you probably wouldn’t see me in my Lamborghini but, do you really need a Lambo? That’s really what you have to ask yourself.”-Dom Kennedy
  11. “I didn’t want my music to be confused – even though I was and had a lot of questions. I wanted my music to capture a period in my life where I was sure.”-Dom Kennedy
  12. “Growing up, being a rapper wasn’t my goal, but it became my destination.”-Dom Kennedy
  13. “Your girl got a cute face her friend got a nice body. “-Dom Kennedy
  14. “With you I done lied to, it ain’t because I tried to. Just because I didn’t wanna be the dude you always cried to. “-Dom Kennedy
  15. “Tina was a dreamer. I’m two years a senior, so I didn’t really ride with her demeanor. “-Dom Kennedy
  16. “I did like any nigga would, made her feel important. Had a spot on the roster so I had to fill the void in. “-Dom Kennedy
  17. “You dream of Porsche’s, I’m goin corporate, If you don’t want a relationship then I’m going to abort this. “-Dom Kennedy
  18. “You’re tempting me, can’t lie baby you’re tempting me. “-Dom Kennedy
  19. “Uhh, girl stop playin’ wit me. I know my songs the only reason why you layin wit me, the way the whole building get to swaying with me. Sign on my door sayin “No you not stayin wit me”. -Dom Kennedy

  20. Dom Kennedy Quotes

  21. “Darling I’m tryna be persistent, plottin from a distance. But when I do pursue girl, all you do is keep resisting. “-Dom Kennedy
  22. “So let’s toast to the girls in the front (Ayeee!). And let’s smoke with the girls in the back (Ahhh!). You know they say them opposites attract. So me and Overdoz is goin’ all over the map.”-Dom Kennedy
  23. “I call my ex chick chillin with my ex girl. I say my next girl is finna be my best girl. “-Dom Kennedy
  24. “For my birthday I bought me two Cuban chains and I try to tell my boys that we more than entertainment. “-Dom Kennedy
  25. “Nobody saw a thing, put a mask on him. He a threat to the public put a task on him. “-Dom Kennedy
  26. “That rest in peace James Brown with it. But I don’t wanna get to loud with it, I just hope I make you proud with it. “-Dom Kennedy
  27. “And now it’s like 2 and I’m tryna make good. Them promises I made that I was gon get us out the hood. “-Dom Kennedy
  28. “When I hear my songs I be feeling like Braun. No Corey Matthews, I be feeling like Sean. “-Dom Kennedy
  29. “Not just a bunch of niggas want sex and shit. Dissin the same niggas that they textin with. “-Dom Kennedy
  30. “Cause I don’t wanna be screwed on some Texas shit. Twenty years later saying I blew it on some reckless shit.” -Dom Kennedy
  31. “When the mic I record with, nights I get bored with. So I be tryna write some shit that I can hit the stores with. “-Dom Kennedy
  32. “Two chains on me, I got two names on me. That’s L-E-I-M-E-R-T P-A-R-K, yeah that’s where my heart be. “-Dom Kennedy
  33. “Got it her, called her the next day just to acknowledge that. Pride had to swallow that, trust don’t want to hollow that. Your heart could get broken, Nah you don’t want to follow that. “-Dom Kennedy
  34. “At her sisters, she was out of town so she fixed up. LA house party, you know how niggas get mixed up. “-Dom Kennedy

  35. Dom Kennedy Quotes
  36. “I pass on the blunt and niggas think that I be smokin. Bust my Raids hat and people think that I’m from Oakland. “-Dom Kennedy
  37. “Like yeah nigga I’m on, posing like I made it. I had a couple cuts but them niggas wouldn’t fade it. “-Dom Kennedy
  38. “Man I couldn’t tell you all the places that I played in. Shit I couldn’t tell you all the places that I stayed in.” -Dom Kennedy
  39. “I swear I love you so much, I dont want you suckin it, questions bout condoms, I just get to duckin it, cheatin aint fun though, I just get the rush of it. “-Dom Kennedy
  40. “The first we went to eat you know it transpired, I had to heat that ass up like a campfire. “-Dom Kennedy
  41. “Roll wit the winners girl cause I aint into losing. Talking crenshaw and king, thats what we be cruisin. “-Dom Kennedy
  42. “Squab wit a nigga, I aint into shootin. This is not the army but them niggas is recruitin. “-Dom Kennedy
  43. “A new Coretta Scott King I think I found one. Man I’m through with y’all hoes I think I’ll crown one. “-Dom Kennedy
  44. “like damn you such a dick blower, ya whole clique owe us, even your own b$#@h know it, this my lane get over”-Dom Kennedy
  45. “my flow I don’t spit, it’s more the way I be barfin”-Dom Kennedy
  46. “so when I show up, put yourself down!”-Dom Kennedy
  47. “a T-Bone Steak, some eggs, a glass of Florida, your girl keep callin me up but I’m ignoring her”-Dom Kennedy
  48. “and yea she do drive a Ford truck but I’m exploring her”-Dom Kennedy
  49. “I’m sick, ya n#@$a stay with Vicks like the Falcons”-Dom Kennedy
  50. “I’m too sharp to be in megapixels”-Dom Kennedy

  51. Dom Kennedy Quotes

Through Dom Kennedy’s quotes, you will learn that if you want to do something in your life, do not stop yourself from doing this. Do whatever you want to do or what you like the most.

If you do your favorite work, then do not worry about the result. Many times, we are doing our favorite work and are also worried about the results. When you work hard on your dream, you will definitely get a good result.

“I’m probably the best Kennedy after Bobby so bob me with my hands behind my head like it’s a robbery”-Dom Kennedy

If you do what you love to do in life, then you are in a good position. Dom Kennedy also does the work which he wanted to do. He was never worried about the result. He works hard and gets good results in life.


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