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26 Empowering Emmet Fox Quotes

What a great honor to present Emmet Fox quotes today. Emmet Fox was an honorable man of God who believed in humanity. Emmet Fox believed that through faith we can transcend our limitations and accomplish a lot. In fact Fox is one of the early 20th century New Thought spiritual leaders. He became known for his big services in the Divine Science Church in New York City during the Depression.  

Before we delve further into Emmet Fox’s life story, let’s get to know him through his words. After all, he was a prolific writer and he spoke profoundly through his words.


Emmet Fox Quotes- 1-10

  1. “Attention is the key to life. Whatever you really give your attention to, you become. Whatever you really concentrate upon will come into your life. We grow into the thing that fills our thoughts as inevitably as the stream merges into the ocean at last.”-Emmet Fox
  2. “Whenever you are afraid of something you are worshipping it. Whatever you fear, you bow down to and give it power.”- Emmet Fox
  3.  “Do it trembling if you must, but do it!” – Emmet Fox
  4. “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die.” – Emmet Fox
  5.  “Attention is the key to life. Whatever you really give your attention to, you become. Whatever you really concentrate upon will come into your life.” – Emmet Fox
  6.  “Stop thinking about your difficulties, whatever they are, and start thinking about God instead.” – Emmet Fox
  7.  “To be afraid is to have more faith in evil than in God.” – Emmet Fox
  8. . “There is nothing in the universe that you cannot do or be if you are mentally ready.” – Emmet Fox quotes
  9.  “Realizing God as Truth will save you hours of work in research in any field. You will be led to the right book or the right place or the right person without loss of time, or the necessary information will come to you in some other way.” – Emmet Fox
  10.  “You cannot be healthy; you cannot be happy; you cannot be prosperous; if you have a bad disposition.” – Emmet Fox quotes

What did you make of the above Emmet Fox quotes? What I can make from the above is that Fox taught us to be of clear thought. He did not want us to house negative thoughts like anger. He says, “holding onto anger is like drinking poison..” When we are angry we are not free. When we are angry it is us who suffer the most. Therefore the only value anger has is negative. As hard as it may be to resist anger, it is a practice worth at least attempting to learn because the outcome is a better version of us.  Things like affirmations may help to replace our negative thinking patterns with positive ones.

emmet fox quotes

Emmet Fox Quotes 11- 26

  1. “The story of your life is really the story of the relations between yourself and God.”
  2. “Look where you are going because you will inevitably go where you are looking.”
  3. “What we experience is our own concept of things. That is why no two people see quite the same world, and why, in many cases, different people see such different worlds. To put it another way, we make our own world by the way in which we think; for we really do live in a world of our own thoughts.”
  4. “A tragic mistake that is often made is to assume that the will of God is bound to be something very dull and uninviting, if not positively unpleasant. Consciously or not some persons look upon God as a hard taskmaster, or a severe parent. . . . The truth is that the will of God for us always means greater freedom, greater self-expression, newer and brighter experience, wider opportunity of service to others-life more abundant.”
  5. “To be afraid is to have more faith in evil than in God.”- Emmet Fox quotes
  6. “Nature always takes you at your own valuation. Believe you are the child of God-really believe it. Believe that you express Divine Life, Divine Truth, and Divine Love. Believe that Divine Wisdom guides you. Believe that God is your supply. Believe that God is helping and blessing humanity through you. Believe that you are a special enterprise on the part of God and that he is opening your way-and what you really believe, that you will demonstrate.”
  7. “The present moment is never intolerable. It is always what is coming in five minutes or five days that makes people despair. The Law of Life is to live in the present, and this applies to both time and place. Keep your attention to the present moment, and in the place where your body is now. Do a fair day’s work, and then stop. Overwork is not productive in the long run.”
  8. “God is life. I understand that and express it. God is perfect Truth. I understand that and express it. God is Love. I understand that and express it. I radiate thoughts of love and peace and healing to the whole universe. If anyone has ever injured me or done me any harm, I fully and freely forgive that person now, and the thing is done forever. I go free.”
  9. “What you think upon grows. Whatever you allow to occupy your mind you magnify in your life. Whether the subject of your thought be good or bad, the law works and the condition grows. Any subject that you keep out of your mind tends to diminish in your life, because what you do not use atrophies. The more you think of grievances, the more such trials you will continue to receive; the more you think of the good fortune you have had, the more good fortune will come to you.”
  10. “God is bigger than any problem. God in you is greater than any difficulty you have to meet. God cares for you more than it is possible for any human being to realize. God can help you in proportion to the degree in which you worship him. You worship God by really putting your trust in him instead of in outer conditions, or in fear, or in depression, or in seeming dangers, and so forth. You worship God by recognizing his presence everywhere, in all people and conditions that you meet; and by praying regularly. You pray well when you pray with joy.”
  11. “There is no difficulty that enough LOVE will not conquer, no disease that enough LOVE will not heal, no door that enough LOVE will not open, no gulf that enough LOVE will not bridge, no wall that enough LOVE will not throw down, no sin that enough LOVE will not redeem…”
  12. “Here’s an experiment: For one whole day think, speak, and act exactly as you would if you were absolutely convinced of the truth of the statements that God has all power and infinite intelligence, and that His nature is infinite goodness and love. To think in this manner all day will be the most difficult thing, because thought is so subtle. To speak in accordance with these truths will be easier, if you are vigilant. To act in accordance with them will be the easiest part, although it may require much in the way of moral courage.”
  13. “You must not allow yourself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative thought.” – Emmet Fox
  14. “If you have no time for prayer and meditation, you will have lots of time for sickness and trouble.” – Emmet Fox
  15. “The more you think of grievances, the more such trials you will continue to receive; the more you think of the good fortune you have had, the more good fortune will come to you.” – Emmet Fox
  16. No matter how unattractive or how dangerous the road ahead may be, it is better than the road back. The road ahead may be veiled from sight—but you must teach yourself to regard the unknown as friendly. Remember that God is always on the road ahead.” – Emmet Fox

Through Emmet Fox quotes we learn that he was truly a man of God. It is apparent that the Bible guided him in his teachings. Now let learn more about who Fox’s background.

emmet fox quotes

The Life of Emmet Fox 

Emmet Fox was born on July 30, 1886, in Ireland. He was an Irish New Thought spiritual leader who made remarkable works on the years of the Great Depression in the early 20th century. His father was Joseph Francis Fox, a physician, and member of the Parliament, who passed away when he was a teenager.   

Emmet studied at St. Ignatius College, a Jesuit secondary school close to Stamford Hill. He worked as an electrical engineer. Fox studied New Thought during his late teens, and he met Thomas Troward, a prominent writer in the New Thought movement. In 1914, Emmet attended the London meeting wherein the International New Thought Alliance occurred. In 1928, in Mortimer Hall in London, Fox gave his first New Thought talk.        

In 1931, he went to the United States. Later, Fox became James Murray’s successor as the minister of New York’s Divine Science Church of the Healing Christ. During a visit abroad, Emmet Fox died on August 13, 1951, at the American Hospital of Paris.    

Emmet Fox Books 

Fox was a prolific writer and he published several books. His legacy includes the following titles:

  • The 7 Day Mental Diet 
  • Around the Year with Emmet Fox: A Book of Daily Readings
  • The Sermon on the Mount: The Key to Success in Life
  • Find and Use Your Inner Power
  • The Golden Key
  • Power Through Constructive Thinking
  • The Mental Equivalent 
  • Diagrams for Living: The Bible Unveiled
  • The Ten Commandments: The Master Key to Life
  • Stake Your Claim: Exploring the Gold Mine Within
  • Alter Your Life
  • Your Heart’s Desire 
  • How to Bring About Peace
  • Treatment for Divine Love
  • Word of Power 
  • What is Scientific Prayer 
  • Yoga of Love 

The works of Emmet Fox helped people to improve their lives by learning to love enough. He also teaches people that they can be more powerful people with love in their hearts. He won the respect of his congregation through living with the truth. 

Fox delivered his messages with authority. He also had quiet dignity and charm in delivering his messages, which captured people’s hearts. Aside from being a good leader and writer, Emmet Fox was also popular as a very practical man. He always incorporates practical instruction and guidelines in his teachings. He even challenges his listeners to try them out for themselves. He planned his sermon intelligently. Meanwhile, he also has an imaginative sense of humor. Among his hobbies is to collect old watches and clocks. 

 He is also remembered as a tireless worker who made the most of every opportunity.  He even had activities on his annual 3-month summer vacation. I hope you Emmet Fox quotes have enlightened you and empowerd you to become a better version of yourself. As you go about your day remember that anger is not worth carrying in your heart. Also remember that at any time we have a choice to have faith or have fear and am sure you know which one is good for us. Go forth, dream, believe and achieve!

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