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Joanna Macy Quotes – Joanna Macy is a well-known author. She is a scholar and is also an environmental activist. In 1950 Macy completed her graduation from Wellesley College. In 1978 she got the degree of Ph.D. in Religious Studies. Joanna Macy is also a spokesperson.

She has spoken internationally on many topics. Some of the issues on which she spokes include peace, anti-nuclear causes, environmentalism, and justice. Joanna Macy is well-known due to her books. These books of Macy include “Coming Back to Life,” “Great Turning,” and “Our World.”


Joanna Macy wants to create change in life. Due to which she made a framework. The theoretical framework developed is for personal and social change. The work of Macy focuses on many issues regarding psychological and spiritual. The result of Joanna Macy gives inspiration to people in life who are facing many problems.

Most Famous Joanna Macy Quotes

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2.”This is a dark time, filled with suffering and uncertainty. Like living cells in a larger body, it is natural that we feel the trauma of our world. So don’t be afraid of the anguish you feel, or the anger or fear, because these responses arise from the depth of your caring and the truth of your interconnectedness with all beings.” -Joanna Macy

3.”We are capable of suffering with our world, and that is the true meaning of compassion. It enables us to recognize our profound interconnectedness with all beings. Don’t ever apologize for crying for the trees burning in the Amazon or over the waters polluted from mines in the Rockies. Don’t apologize for the sorrow, grief, and rage you feel. It is a measure of your humanity and your maturity. It is a measure of your open heart, and as your heart breaks open there will be room for the world to heal. That is what is happening as we see people honestly confronting the sorrows of our time.”-Joanna Macy

4.”If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear. People who can open to the web of life that called us into being”  -Joanna Macy


5.”Out of this darkness a new world can arise, not to be constructed by our minds so much as to emerge from our dreams. Even though we cannot see clearly how it’s going to turn out, we are still called to let the future into our imagination. We will never be able to build what we have not first cherished in our hearts.”   -Joanna Macy

6.”The most radical thing any of us can do at this time is to be fully present to what is happening in the world.”-Joanna Macy

7.”The biggest gift you can give is to be absolutely present, and when you’re worrying about whether you’re hopeful, or hopeless, or pessimistic, or optimistic, who cares? The main thing is that you’re showing up, that you’re here and that you’re finding ever more capacity to love this world because it will not be healed without that. That was what is going to unleash our intelligence and our ingenuity and our solidarity for the healing of our world.”-Joanna Macy

8.”The sorrow, grief, and rage you feel is a measure of your humanity and your evolutionary maturity. As your heart breaks open there will be room for the world to heal.” -Joanna Macy

9.”To be alive in this beautiful, self-organizing universe — to participate in the dance of life with senses to perceive it, lungs that breathe it, organs that draw nourishment from it — is a wonder beyond words.” -Joanna Macy

10.”Gratitude is liberating. It is subversive. It helps us to realize that we are sufficient, and that realization frees us.”   -Joanna Macy

11.”Walk boldly through your life with an open, broken heart.” -Joanna Macy

12.”Because the relationship between self and world is reciprocal, it is not a matter of first getting enlightened or saved and then acting. As we work to heal the Earth, the Earth heals us. No need to wait. As we care enough to take risks, we loosen the grip of ego and begin to come home to our true nature.”-Joanna Macy

13.”It is good to realize that falling apart is not such a bad thing. Indeed, it is as essential to evolutionary and psychological transformation as the cracking of outgrown shells.”  -Joanna Macy

14.”The future is not out there in front of us, but inside us.” -Joanna Macy

15.”Action isn’t a burden to be hoisted up and lugged around on our shoulders. It is something we are. The work we have to do can be seen as a kind of coming alive. More than some moral imperative, it’s an awakening to our true nature, a releasing of our gifts.”  -Joanna Macy

16.”The web of life both cradles us and calls us to weave it further.” -Joanna Macy

17.”The wave of the future is on the local level. Don’t waste your heart and mind trying to pull down what is already destroying itself. But come into where you’re almost below the radar and reorganize life. We want communities where we live and work and fight for the future.”-Joanna Macy

18.”It’s walking the razor’s edge of the sacred moment where you don’t know, you can’t count on, and comfort yourself with any sure hope. All you can know is your allegiance to life and your intention to serve it in this moment that we are given. In that sense, this radical uncertainty liberates your creativity and courage.” -Joanna Macy


20.”The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.” -Joanna Macy

21.”The refusal to feel takes a heavy toll. Not only is there an impoverishment of our emotional and sensory life, flowers are dimmer and less fragrant, our loves less ecstaticâ but this psychic numbing also impedes our capacity to process and respond to information. The energy expended in pushing down despair is diverted from more creative uses, depleting the resilience and imagination needed for fresh visions and strategies.”-Joanna Macy

22.”There’s a song that wants to sing itself through us. We just got to be available. Maybe the song that is to be sung through us is the most beautiful requiem for an irreplaceable planet or maybe it’s a song of joyous rebirth as we create a new culture that doesn’t destroy its world. But in any case, there’s absolutely no excuse for our making our passionate love for our world dependent on what we think of its degree of health, whether we think it’s going to go on forever. Those are just thoughts anyway. But this moment you’re alive, so you can just dial up the magic of that at any time.” -Joanna Macy

23.”The central purpose of the Work that Reconnects is to help people uncover and experience their innate connections with each other and with the systemic, self-healing powers of the web of life, so that they may be enlivened and motivated to play their part in creating a sustainable civilization.”-Joanna Macy

24.”No magic bullet, not even the Internet, can save us from population explosion, deforestation, climate disruption, poison by pollution, and wholesale extinction of plant and animal species. We are going to have to want different things, seek different pleasures, pursue different goals than those that have been driving us and our global economy.”   -Joanna Macy

25.”Compassion literally means to feel with, to suffer with. Everyone is capable of compassion, and yet everyone tends to avoid it because it’s uncomfortable. And the avoidance produces psychic numbing – resistance to experiencing our pain for the world and other beings.”-Joanna Macy

26.” We are our world knowing itself. We can relinquish our separateness. We can come home again – and participate in our world in a richer, more responsible and poignantly beautiful way than before, in our infancy.”-Joanna Macy

27.”Future generations, if there is a livable world for them, will look back at the epochal transition we are making to a life-sustaining society.”-Joanna Macy

28.”And they may well call this the time of the Great Turning.”-Joanna Macy

29.”Gratitude for the gift of life is the primary wellspring of all religions, the hallmark of the mystic, the source of all true art….It is a privilege to be alive in this time when we can choose to take part in the self-healing of our world.” -Joanna Macy

30.”Yes, it looks bleak. But you are still alive now. You are alive with all the others, in this present moment. And because the truth is speaking in the work, it unlocks the heart. And there’s such a feeling and experience of adventure. It’s like a trumpet call to a great adventure. In all great adventures there comes a time when the little band of heroes feels totally outnumbered and bleak, like Frodo in Lord of the Rings or Pilgrim in Pilgrim’s Progress. You learn to say ‘It looks bleak. Big deal, it looks bleak.’-Joanna Macy

31.”Qualities like love and compassion are not just abstract virtues that are the property of saints and adepts. Anyone can develop these qualities in themselves by doing spiritual practices. As the Buddha said, Come and see.”-Joanna Macy

32.”Clothe yourself in your authority. You speak not only as yourself or for yourself. You will speak and act with the courage and endurance that has been yours through the long, beautiful aeons of your life story.”-Joanna Macy

33.”The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe… All is registered in the ‘boundless heart’ of the bodhisattva. Through our deepest and innermost reponses to our world – to hunger and torture and the threat of annihilation – we touch that boundless heart.”  -Joanna Macy

34.”We are making choices that will affect whether beings thousands of generations from now will be able to be born sound of mind and body.” -Joanna Macy

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36.”It is my experience that the world itself has a role to play in our liberation. Its very pressures, pains, and risks can wake us up -release us from the bonds of ego and guide us home to our vast true nature.”-Joanna Macy

37.”There are the holding actions, the changing actions, and the vision of the future – what we want to see happen for the Earth. All are essential.”-Joanna Macy

38.”In the early Buddhist view, then, a persons identity resides not in an enduring self but in his actions (karma)- that is in the choices that shape these actions. Because the dispositions formed by previous choices can be modified in turn by present behavior, this identity as choice-maker is fluid, its experience alterable. While it is affected by the past, it can also break free of the past.”  -Joanna Macy

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In our life, we see many people doing different things in life. By seeing them, we also want to do much work. But it is not always necessary to do everything. Doing everything that you see others doing is not essential.

You have to listen to your heart. Try to hear it. What your heart says to you does that work. The work that you do with your heart will never be unsuccessful. Joanna Macy always listens to her heart.

“Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the most beloved Buddhist teachers in the West, a rare combination of mystic, poet, scholar, and activist. His luminous presence and the simple, compassionate clarity of his writings have touched countless lives.”  -Joanna Macy

She does what she wants to do in life. Macy got successful as she does every work with full effort. By reading the quotes of Joanna Macy, you will get the motivation and inspiration in life. If you like these Joanna Macy quotes, then do share them with your friends and also comment on them.