27 Most Popular Antonio Salazar Quotes


Antonio Salazar Quotes – Antonio Salazar was a statesman of Portuguese. He was also an economist. From 1932 to 1968, Antonio Salazar served as the prime minister of Portugal. He was responsible for the establishment of the new state.

The name of this state is Estado Novo. Salazar was also responsible for the government that ruled Portugal. Antonio Salazar started life as finance minister with the help and support of Oscar Carmona, President.


In 1926 the military of Portugal had no idea how to face and solve the challenges of the hour. At that time, Antonio Salazar balanced all the budget and made the military of Portugal stronger. He was the one who first produced budgetary surpluses.

The aim of Antonio Salazar was to depoliticize society. Antonio Salazar does a lot of work for his country. He inspires other people with his work. For inspiring you, we have compiled some popular Antonio Salazar quotes.

27 Inspiring Antonio Salazar Quotes


1.Antonio Salazar Quotes

2.”Do not discuss God and virtue.”-Antonio Salazar

3.” Do not discuss the homeland and its history.”-Antonio Salazar


4.” Do not discuss the authority and prestige.”-Antonio Salazar

5.” Do not discuss the family and its moral.”-Antonio Salazar

6.” Not discuss the glory of work and their duty.”-Antonio Salazar

7.”In politics, what appears is.”-Antonio Salazar

8.”I know what I want, and where to go.”-Antonio Salazar

9.”Half a dozen slaps the time.”-Antonio Salazar

10.”To Angola, quickly and with strength!”-Antonio Salazar

11.”Proudly alone!”-Antonio Salazar

12.”Do not discuss God and his reason, does not discuss the motherland and the nation.”-Antonio Salazar

13.”All for the nation, nothing against the nation.”-Antonio Salazar

14.”I have the grace of providence to be poor.”-Antonio Salazar

15.”Who is not patriotic can not be considered Portuguese.”-Antonio Salazar

16.”The United Nations is useless…and also harmful. It is a land that flowers demagoguery with a bunch of newborn countries, devoid of any tradition.”-Antonio Salazar

17.Antonio Salazar Quotes

18.”State is the nation socially organized.”-Antonio Salazar

19.”The discussions have revealed the mistake, but not explained the problem, since even if you know what you will understand it for democracy.”-Antonio Salazar

20.”Definitely, decisively, the Nation, for us…and even for them.”-Antonio Salazar

21.”The day I leave the power, inside my pockets will only be dust.”-Antonio Salazar

22.”Portugal was born in the shadow of the Catholic Church and religion, from the beginning it was the formative element of the soul of the nation and the dominant trait of character of the Portuguese people.”-Antonio Salazar

23.”Those who can, must obey.”-Antonio Salazar

24.”No one has to thank me for accepting the burden, because it is so big sacrifice for me to please or I would not do for kindness to anyone.”-Antonio Salazar

25.” I do this to for my country, as a duty of conscience, coldly, calmly completed.”-Antonio Salazar

26.”The day I leave the power, inside my pockets will only be dust.”-Antonio Salazar

27.Antonio Salazar Quotes

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