51 Most Inspiring Dierks Bentley Quotes


Dierks Bentley Quotes – Dierks Bentley is a well-known American songwriter. He is a country music singer. In 2013 he worked with the Capitol Nashville. By working with them, he releases his debut album.

In 2005 he released his second music album Modern Day Drifter. In the United States, this album is certified platinum. In 2006 his third album was Long Trip Alone. This album is certified gold.


He became very famous for his work. In 2009 his fourth album was released. After this, he released many different albums. The name of this album is Feel That Fire.

Dierks Bentley released a number of albums. These albums give him a lot of success in his life. Dierks Bentley inspires many people with his work. For you, we have added some famous Dierks Bentley quotes.

Dierks Bentley Quotes That Will Inspire You


1.Dierks Bentley Quotes

2.”You have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Live life to be a good songwriter.”-Dierks Bentley

3.”Country music is always changing but the Opry is always there to serve as a lighthouse for what country music really is.”-Dierks Bentley


4.”The past, present and future is all encompassed by not only the physical structure of the building but also the radio show.”-Dierks Bentley

5.”And if I want to get involved in choosing sides, I usually pick hockey or football.”-Dierks Bentley

6.”No, as an artist, you have to be free to explore all the corners of your heart. There are no boundaries.”-Dierks Bentley

7.”My dad and grandpa were in the army and as a country singer you’re constantly playing at military bases all across the country and meeting soldiers and their families and hearing their stories.”-Dierks Bentley

8.”I mean, the last thing I want to do is be involved in politics.”-Dierks Bentley

9.”But as far as being an American and loving this country and getting a chance to travel across it every day and meeting people on the road and folks in the military, I love this country on so many different levels.”-Dierks Bentley

10.”That’s what I love about Nashville and the music community – seeing kids around acoustic music and bluegrass picking parties is the best.”-Dierks Bentley

11.”When I was 13, I was just figuring out how to play ‘Eruption,’ poorly, by Eddie Van Halen.”-Dierks Bentley

12.”And I’m the biggest country fan there is, but I’m always a little cautious of a slower song or just a song with subject matter.”-Dierks Bentley

13.”As a songwriter, you might write every day and throughout the course of a year you might get four songs that are really special.”-Dierks Bentley

14.”I try to make an album that reflects what I love about country music.”-Dierks Bentley

15.”It’s not just all about happy parties all the time. There are some sad songs.”-Dierks Bentley

16.”I’m part of the party, getting the crowd fired up, singing songs, pouring drinks, whatever it takes to get them to have a good time. When I walk into the meet-and-greet, someone’s always going to have a story, a sad story or a happy story.”-Dierks Bentley

17.”I like big shows, a lot of volume and a lot of energy. I love electric instruments. But I do love mixing those with bluegrass instruments and cranking those up, too, with a little bit of that rock energy.”-Dierks Bentley

18.”I also was a huge ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ fan. I used to have T-shirts that said ‘Dierks of Hazzard’ custom-made.”-Dierks Bentley

19.”I’m a member of the George Jones fan club, and I’m a member of U2’s fan club.”-Dierks Bentley

20.Dierks Bentley Quotes

21.”I’m a huge fan of Billy Idol. I spiked my hair every day like him in 7th and 8th grade.”-Dierks Bentley

22.”I always say the best applause you can get is when you walk from backstage up to your microphone at a concert.”-Dierks Bentley

23.’ It’s also nice to walk up to the mike at an awards show, and that applause is great, too, but the best is when your fans are cheering for you.”-Dierks Bentley

24.”I think the great country songs mixed with some of that bluegrass instrumentation – and surrounding all that with a little bit of a rock vibe and energy – is the kind of music I make.”-Dierks Bentley

25.”Patty Griffin is iconic, and there’s no other word to really describe her. She is iconic for a lot of people – not only for me but for a lot of fans. Her voice is one of a kind, and she’s such an important figure in the American music scene.”-Dierks Bentley

26.”Country music has always been the best shrink that 15 bucks can buy.”-Dierks Bentley

27.”Blackberry Smoke is the real deal!”-Dierks Bentley

28.”So darlin’ if your wonderin’ why I brought you here tonight I wanna be your husband I want you to be my wife I ain’t got much to give you but what I got means everything Its my last name”-Dierks Bentley

29.”George Strait is the king and Kenny Chesney is about as big as it gets right now, though I wouldnt mind going back out on the road with him. Maybe I could go out on the road with some singers from other genres.”-Dierks Bentley

30.”You cant write about stuff you dont know about. You have to live it. You have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Live life to be a good songwriter.”-Dierks Bentley

31.”I have been waiting a long time for this. It’s been my dream forever. Now that it’s a reality, I love it.”-Dierks Bentley

32.’ I haven’t been burnt out at all and I have a bunch of guys with me that feel the same way.”-Dierks Bentley

33.”I’m always looking for things that make me kind of uncomfortable.”-Dierks Bentley

34.’In Vegas, everyone lets their hair down a little bit and it’s a little looser. You expect to see some different stuff and hear some different stuff. Even the red carpet is different here.”-Dierks Bentley

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36.”I think if you sing a song for the first time to your mom and dad, or your friends, and they go, ‘That’s pretty cool’-if you’re playing at the local bar somewhere, or the coffee shop, singing songs, or if you have a gig somewhere and you’re singing your own songs, I think that’s some version of making it. … It’s not just about having commercial success; it’s about having a great life.”-Dierks Bentley

37.”We’ve expanded beyond country and bluegrass to rock, alt rock. My music goes down best with domestic light, cold beer.”-Dierks Bentley

38.”It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had no idea,”-Dierks Bentley

39.”Just don’t make me wait too long, … I’ll take anything domestic, light and cold.”-Dierks Bentley

40.”Writing it was kind of hard, … I wrote a lot of it on the road, and I don’t really enjoy writing on the road.”-Dierks Bentley

41.” There’s so much going on, doing interviews and going to radio stations and getting ready for shows. You’re sick all the time, and there’s no space on the bus. I’d rather write at home in Nashville.”-Dierks Bentley

42.”We have fun. I think it spills off into the crowd. Our main job is to have a good time first and foremost as a band – if we’re doing that, then everyone at the show will have a good time, too.”-Dierks Bentley

43.”I’ve still got the boat, but if I’m in Nashville, I’m usually racking up hotel bills. We’ll have 20 to 21-day runs on the road, and I’ll just be in town for a day or two, … But that’s what it’s about for me. I’m playing music because I love it. The guys on the road with me, they love the music.”-Dierks Bentley

44.”It was the last gig of the tour with him and the crew guys came out on stage wearing little white tank tops and they carried me out off stage. They did not look very good, but the thought was very appreciated, that they would take the time to play a prank like that on me.”-Dierks Bentley

45.”It was just the two of us; no family. It was a great time.”-Dierks Bentley

46.”If I’d had any idea what he was up to, I wouldn’t have had that sixth shot of tequila so I could have been more sober for all those interviews afterward,”-Dierks Bentley

47.”I came here to be sure it’s actually true that we’re playing this place.”-Dierks Bentley

48.”People are gravitating towards Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders because they are doing their own thing. I think people are trying to cut out the middle man and just get to the source and get away from Washington politics.”-Dierks Bentley

49.”I think about me and my dad taking a road trip from Phoenix to Nashville when I was 19. He’s no longer here with me, but I still drive that same 1994 Chevy truck. I never have bought a new car.”-Dierks Bentley

50.”I’ve had some shows where I really plan out what I’m going to say. Then I’ve had other shows where I’m like, ‘Take a sip of the Ole Smoky Moonshine and just let it be natural and cross your fingers that you say the right things.'”-Dierks Bentley

51.Dierks Bentley Quotes

All of us have some dreams and desires. We want to achieve all these dreams. To achieve this, we have to do a lot of hard work. Many times, we get success in a small amount of time.

But sometimes we have to do a lot of hard work. Many times, we have to wait a lot to see our success. During that time, you have to be strong and be confident. Because getting your dreams takes some effort and time in life.

“If someone wants a picture, I’m so honored and so flattered, and I hope I have a reputation as someone who goes out of his way to do those kinds of things.”-Dierks Bentley

It is the reality of life. Dierks Bentley does a lot of hard work in his life. He waits for a long time to see his success. By reading the quotes of Dierks Bentley, you might get inspiration in life.

You might get the motivation to be strong at the time of achieving success. Because to achieve dreams, everyone has to wait and work hard in life.