30 Motivational Juan Gabriel Quotes


Juan Gabriel Quotes – Juan Gabriel was a singer and actor Mexican. He was also a songwriter. The real name of Juan Gabriel was Alberto Aguilera Valadez. Juan Gabriel was his professional name. He was also known due to his nickname Juanga.

Juan Gabriel was very much famous due to his flamboyant style. This style became very much famous and broke all the hurdles that came in Latin Music. He was considered the best composer and singer of all time.


People called him a pop icon. Around 60 million records of Gabriel were sold. Around eight million copies of his album named Recuerdos, Vol II was sold all over the world.

He also performed many penned songs. Juan Gabriel inspired other people in life. He is the inspiration of many other singers. Here are some famous Juan Gabriel quotes for you.

30 Juan Gabriel Quotes That Will Motivate You


1.Juan Gabriel Quotes

2.”I enjoy every moment because I believe that once we die, that’s it. We’re not coming back.”-Juan Gabriel

3.”As Juan Gabriel, music is my religion, and mariachi is my devotion. And my songs are my prayers.”-Juan Gabriel


4.”Money can be taken away from you, by the IRS or by pistol. That’s why I always measure riches in terms of wisdom. No one can ever take from you what you know.”-Juan Gabriel

5.”I’ve learned during my life that if I am in hell, I make my own glory. I’ve also been in glory, and perhaps I’ve made my own hell, but I certainly don’t take anyone down with me.”-Juan Gabriel

6.”Lovers come back. Styles come back. But time? It never comes back.”-Juan Gabriel

7.”Mexico is a very mom-centered culture. You’ll find stores open on Father’s Day, but never on Mother’s Day. For us, mothers are very important.”-Juan Gabriel

8.”There are times when I’m really happy and I write something really sad, and vice versa.”-Juan Gabriel

9.”Everyone who gave me food, who took away my hunger, inspired me to compose. They told me their stories, and I had no other way to console them than with a piece of music, and that is how I learned. I did not resolve their problems with my songs, but I created a moment of release.”-Juan Gabriel

10.”Art is feminine… Look, if you’re handsome and young and beautiful, well, people are always going to say that you’re gay.”-Juan Gabriel

11.”Someone who’s passed through the circumstances that I have has to make the decision either to be a good person or a bad person, and I decide to become better at every opportunity.”-Juan Gabriel

12.”I think I am an artist. I think I am Juan Gabriel, who has given so much with my songs.”-Juan Gabriel

13.”Let others worry about their own lives, and let the rest of us live.”-Juan Gabriel

14.Juan Gabriel Quotes

15.”Art is feminine.”-Juan Gabriel

16.”What I say is what I feel, whether anyone likes it or not.”-Juan Gabriel

17.”The artist knows how to sing, not how to count.”-Juan Gabriel

18.”When I have the opportunity to work, I organize a whole party – like what you perhaps saw at the Grammys.”-Juan Gabriel

19.”Work is my best friend.”-Juan Gabriel

20.”Mexico is known throughout the world thanks to mariachi.”-Juan Gabriel

21.”People who know Mexico know me because I’m so much a part of Mexico.”-Juan Gabriel

22.”There are no rules when I compose songs.”-Juan Gabriel

23.”My mother didn’t know what to do with me.”-Juan Gabriel

24.”My thoughts, my feelings, my spirit, they are all in Spanish.”-Juan Gabriel

25.”I compose songs with a lot of simplicity because my school has been the streets, and people have been my books.”-Juan Gabriel

26.”American music has infiltrated the entire world enough as it is. Mexican music must be defended with vigilance.”-Juan Gabriel

27.”Since I was sent to an orphanage, and I saw very little of my mother, I can counsel mothers that you shouldn’t abandon your children. Before you bring a child into the world, think deeply about things, so that they lack absolutely nothing, least of all love.”-Juan Gabriel

28.”When I was very young, I sold the rights to my work… through 2000.”-Juan Gabriel

29.”I’m a person who, when I set out to write, I write. It’s just like when you set out to eat, you eat, or when you set out to sleep, you sleep. I don’t do somersaults to write something. I just do it.”-Juan Gabriel

30.Juan Gabriel Quotes

Many times we try our best to achieve our desires. But at that time, many people do not believe in themselves. If you want to do something in life, then believing in yourself is very important.

When a person believes in himself, then he can achieve what he desires. Every person has to believe in himself. Every time competing is not important. Everyone has a special talent in himself.

“I think, today, television is asking too many loaded questions, pushing further for ratings.”-Juan Gabriel

He just needs to recognize that talent. Rather than competing with others, compete with yourself. Every time try to win from yourself. Juan Gabriel believes in himself. The secret of his success is he believes in himself.

By reading the quotes of Juan Gabriel, you might get the inspiration. You might get the motivation to believe in yourself. No matter what the situation is, you have to believe in yourself and also never leave the path of humanity. When you care for humanity, then you will never fail.