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short love quotes

71 Epic Short Love Quotes to Fire Your Heart

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Here is a brilliant selection of short love quotes to get you in the mood of love. Love needs no ...

living in the present moment quotes

43 Powerful Living In The Present Moment Quotes

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Living in the present moment quotes to empower you now! Dearest people, let us awaken to the power of now. ...

sanaya roman

Sanaya Roman- 21 Empowering Quotes To Set You Free

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Who Is Sanaya Roman Sanaya Roman born 2 December 1949 has been channeling a non-physical being known as Orin for ...

tim russert quote

17 Popular Tim Russert Inspirational Quotes

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Timothy John Russert born 7 May 1950,  famously known as Tim Russert was an American journalist who served on the ...

michael phelps swimmer

Michael Phelps Quotes

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Michael Phelps is one of the most successful athletes of all time. With 28 Olympic medals to his record, there ...

60 Inspirational Morning Quotes To Supercharge Your Day

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Bonjour, Buenos dias, guten Morgen, Good morning!  Presenting  60 inspirational morning quotes to inspire you to a successful day. So ...

amar latif

Amar Latif- An Uplifiting Story

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Whenever someone overcomes a limitation and that is inspiration in action. As an inspiration junkie I thrive on such stories, ...

raymond charles barker

Raymond Charles Barker -23 Inspirational Quotes for Success

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If you have ever come across Raymond Charles Barker’s books you will understand why I am so honored to have ...

andy andrews quotes

100 Inspirational Andy Andrews Quotes

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Andy Andrews is a true inspiration. He has overcome some serious challenges and joins other top American influencers like Bob ...

prentice mulford

Prentice Mulford-40 Powerful Quotes for Success

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Prentice Mulford is today remembered as the man who played a pivotal role in the development of the New Thought ...